Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mothers in my life.
From my Mom to the MANY MANY women in my life that are moms I appreciate everything you have done and do.
I'm excited to experience Mother's Day as mom. This year I was able to rejoice for the life that will soon be here and it excites me to no end. This makes me think of all the women in my life and the many ways they've touched my life, the women that are moms and the women that are yearning to be and the ones that haven't yet made it to that point in their lives.
If you are not a mom yet I pray that the Lord will bless it upon you if it's His will. Like the Lord blessed the women in the Bible with children after years of prayer and petition. I pray that He will give you the patience to wait upon Him. This can be challenging I know but when we wait upon the Lord His glory prevails. Take this time to begin praying for the child that you will have and try to see through the hard times and lessons that He is teaching you. Some days may be harder but He will get you through those too, look for the bright spots and what you are learning and how you can encourage others in your life. God puts us through these trials to build our testimonies, and to have yet another thing to raise up to Him and praise Him through the storms.
My mom taught me that no matter what our parenting skills are prayer is the only thing that really works. She's told me many times that she may have made a lot of mistakes raising my brother and I but the one thing that she did right was pray for us. Thank you Mama for the prayers that we needed and even for the ones that we didn't think that we wanted!
Here's to all of you moms. Thank you for all you've done and for the ways that you've touched our lives.