Super Cooper Turns 3!

3 Years ago this silly monkey was born. What a fun ride we've been on. He's the light of my life. He still makes everyday worth waking up for. Everyday is an adventure, whether we are learning a letter, watching a PBS show, playing outside for hours in the hose until what one would think our well is dry or eating cow shaped peanut butter sandwiches we have a great time together. When Daddy's home from work it's even more fun! 

Celebrating his special day was no different. We had a house FULL of people on the morning of his birthday. His Gram, PawPaw and GiGi were in from FL and friend Phil and Anita were here from Kansas City were here to see them, therefore every floor, couch and bed we could find was full. Gary and I slept in Coop's floor on an air mattress so when we woke up we thought it would be fun to sneak out just the 3 of us and get donuts for breakfast for a special treat. We quietly make it to the bathroom and headed out the door. It was fun to sneak out…now that I think of it maybe that wasn't something we should teach…hmmmm. If it's for donuts at 8 am I think we can manage. Let's move on. 

 Super Hero Party

Our very own Super Hero!

We had fun making every detail super hero-ish.  

We had super hero cake, cupcakes, even water and juice that had super hero powers. 

 We had some very special guests including Nala, Cooper's new puppy. She was a good guest who even wore a cape, she slept most of the time. I won't complain about that! 
My mom and I made capes for all the kiddos that came. I cut their letters out but Gram did all the cutting and sewing of the capes. Thanks Gram! I'm so glad I had so much help getting the party ready!

Coop I hope you had as much fun as we did having your party! We sure do love you! 


NINE Years of Love and Marriage

Last week-June 6th, Gary and I celebrated 9 years of marriage.  I absolutely cannot believe it has already been nine years. Time has completely flown by. To celebrate we flew in a few babysitters from Florida because we're fancy like that…that's not the whole truth, my Mom, Jerry and Grandmama flew in for Cooper's upcoming birthday and happened to come in on our special day.  So after G got home from work we got ready and headed out to dinner and some shopping. We went to one of my very favorite restaurants Haruno for sushi and steak for G. 
We had a great dinner and time together. We had to double duty our night out because we hadn't gotten Cooper the rest of his birthday present so we also shopped for him then finished our date with Andy's frozen custard. Everything was delicious and wonderful. 

Our lives have been anything but dull these years of marriage. We've had fun, had rough patches, laughed, cried, rejoiced and thanked our Lord for ALL that He has given us. I hope and pray that our marriage is a testament to the love the Christ has for each of us. We are truly blessed. 
We are especially blessed by being a family of 3 with this little man. He's the light of our lives. 

Thank you Gary for the most amazing 9 years of my life! You are a wonderful husband, man and daddy we could ever ask for. Thanks for working so hard to give us the life that we have, for providing everything for us and allowing me to stay home with our little monkey. 
I love you more than anything.