Feed the Birds

Last week Coop and I needed an activity so I gathered supplies on our trip to the store and later got it all ready to make. He really likes to feed the birds so I thought a good project for us to make would be bird feeders. I got the idea from pinterest. You can find directions HERE
Coop liked helping. He's always excited to work in the kitchen. K was also our letter for the past 2 weeks. We were busy when I started it so it carried over. He got to help in the kitchen a few times for K week. He's always happy to stir and dump things in. When it came to getting messy our feeders had to quickly finish because he was ready to wash his hands. The gelatin was sticky therefore the birdseed was also sticking. Here are a few picks of our project. We hung them up after drying out back on a tomato stake so we could see the birds but so far we haven't caught any guests enjoying the snacks. I think we need to sprinkle some seed just out in the yard so they know they are welcome.

I also tried to make homemade berry neutons. They were ok. Fresh out of the oven they were like warm pie with a crust, then they moistened up and kind of got funky. I made them for Coop to have a "healthier" snack so if he likes them then that's all that matters.

We've had some nicer springlike days lately and got out to take a few pictures while the light was good. Here is a huge hallow stump we found while out on a walk through the woods. 

We were really happy with how the field pics turned out. The light and colors were perfect. Again it was just fun to get out and play with the camera. 

 This is my new favorite picture!

Hope you're enjoying whatever little projects you're working on!


Snow Days are Fun Days

We got some snow along with some REALLY cold temps this week so for a few short minutes Coop and I headed out to see it.
When he got up and I told him to look outside he looked and paused and said "we put on our snow hats? Sounds fun!"
So I knew we'd have to venture out for a few minutes at least.

Catching snowflakes

Running off to enjoy it even though it was frigid!
When we came in I introduced Cooper to hot chocolate (warm chocolate milk) and he was an instant fan.

 Of course saying cheese for the camera.

 Enjoying his new drink complete with mini marshmallows.


 Since I was taking his picture drinking it he wanted to take mine. I didn't get to pose with my cup of coffee I had to use his. Silly boy!

 Yet again CHEEEEEESE!

Good to the last drop.

Coop decided he wanted to color in the tub minus the water. Have at it kid!
He later had water added but it was a nice activity and not as cold as a bath in my opinion.

For lunch to go along with the snow themed day he had a snowman pb&j. His favorite part? The olives. He could eat an entire can if we'd let him.

 He had fun disassembling the snowman piece by piece.

Hope you are enjoying your "winter" whatever your temps may be. It warmed up enough today so no more snow. Hopefully we'll get a good enough one to go sledding soon then we'll be ready for Spring.
Have a Happy Snow Day!


Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was so fun with Cooper this year. He was enthusiastic about everything and was a pure joy to watch. We didn't go big with Santa. We really didn't even talk about it. We took him with the cousins to Bass Pro to get a picture with and other people talking was his main exposure to Santa. We still go back and forth about whether we want to do it or not. We did decide that Santa won't be the one that brings the big stuff. We can't give him all the credit. Cooper did ask that Santa bring him a blue present so he did but he was the one that said it was from him when he opened not us so it was pretty funny. 
Our bedtime ritual is reading and singing and this includes reading the Bible. So we read the Christmas story or related ones often but he always wanted us to sing about it rather than read. This makes for humorous bedtimes because when we don't want to sing 'Away in a Manger' we would just sing the story to him. He was often not too impressed with our jokes. He also loved singing Happy Birthday Jesus. Happy Birthday is a favorite song of his so we taught him the other version and we all enjoyed it. If asked he would tell you Christmas was Jesus' birthday and then might throw in someone else's birthday as well. Always funny around our house!

Gary made a little video of our Christmas at home. We enjoyed many with family and friends but didn't video them. 

Thank you everyone for such a delightful Christmas. It went by so fast and we were sad to see it go, especially Cooper who was sad to see the tree go. 
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus' birthday. 

I'm HOW OLD?!?!

Well what I thought would be a dreaded birthday came this year and let me tell you it was far from dreaded. I had such a great birthday I can't complain. 25 was way harder than the 
BIG 3-0!
For my actual birthday it was on a Monday so Gary had to work so it was Cooper and I for the day but when he came home we went to dinner with Dad and Erin in town at the Mexican Restaurant then my guys took me for ice cream at the other Donalds as Cooper calls it -Dairy Queen, not to be confused with McDonalds. 
This year I asked to go to a fun salon to get my hair cut and colored. While talking to my friend Katie about it she suggested the salon that she goes to while in town and that her sister Ashley goes to on a regular basis. Both having cute hair I didn't hesitate in the suggestion especially after hearing about the pampering they give while there. So after getting the recommendation I told Bre about it who also celebrates her birthday in December only a week and a few days later on the 14th and we decided to make it a girls day out. Let me tell you it was EXACTLY  what I had hoped for! 
This day wouldn't have been what it was without the planning of my wonderful hooband(husband) Gary and my 2 wonderful-couldn't live without them-friends for life-friends Narissa and Martha. We met after a scavenger hunt for a babysitter morning and headed to town to run "errands". Martha actually had a baby dr appointment but it not being public knowledge we couldn't spill the beans to the rest of the gals until later so we had to run errands like, get coffee, go to the credit union and pick up pictures while Martha got to hear that sweet baby's heart beat. YAY for another baby in the "family"!!! My cup runneth over. 
Anyway after our errands we met the rest of the girls being Bre and Misty for lunch at my traditional birthday spot Maria's downtown. I haven't missed having a fried seafood taco for my birthday since this tradition started several years ago. I jump on the chance to scarf one down!
Then we headed to the salon only a few blocks away. A Valerie Boss Salon is what it's called for those who are looking for a fabulous experience. 

The birthday girls before. (Sorry your pic is blurry Bre. I may have taken that one…ooops)

Doing the "lip pucker" pose. Not sure why people do this but it's always hilarious to try and not look like a fool. 
Getting ready to go have the best hair experience known to man…

First you sit down and talk with your stylist. Mine happened to be Blair-LOVE HER, will be going back to see her, and discuss what to do with the mop on my head. I was hoping to be able to donate a few locks but having layers and crunchy ends we decided I'd have SUPER short hair and not enough worth donating and ended up keeping the locks for myself. We discussed style from there since it wouldn't be getting chopped off what could I do that was fun and drastic enough for my 30th. After all I wanted some change. I told her as long as she didn't shave my head I trusted her. 
Then we talked color and what I was wanting. Then we headed back to the color bar for the fun stuff.

Looking mighty glamorous with our foil antenna! 

These are after pics of Narissa, Martha and Misty. They also got their hair done. Narissa only got hers styled but Martha and Misty got theirs cut as well.
Looking good ladies!!

So let me tell you more about this place and then I'll move on to more fun details. They had a list of good beverages to sip while processing. Ashley recommended the pink drink- raspberry lemonade. It was delightful. 
After the dye was done processing we moved to THE BEST part of the place. The Lather Lounge. It was divine. It was 20+ minutes of getting hair washed and head massage. It's a good thing I don't live closer because I'd probably never wash my hair myself again after that experience. That alone is worth checking this place out! In fact you can go just for that and a style, it's what Narissa did. Those girls also had paraffin hand wax while waiting on us because we took forever. 

Bre with her freshly golden locks getting it curled. She thought she looked like she was going to prom but it was a nice look for a fun day and soon to be evening out.

Well here I am with my new do! It's poofier than I wear it. I felt like I had really big hair on the sides but the drastic part is BANGS!!! I. GOT.BANGS!! I also had so really fun and funky colors put in. You can see some red peaking out on the side but what you can't see is a purplish red streak on the other side. She did a little extra something for fun birthday hair. Those colors faded and I still have red streaks not so vibrant and dark hair but yep I still have bangs! They've been a challenge but all in all I still really like them. I never thought I'd ever get bangs but I'm glad I did something so adventurous in my book. Really when you don't want to chop it off there isn't much you can do with it unless I bleached it-not going to happen. Been there. Done that!
After hair was done we grabbed a quick Starbucks for the road and we all headed to Branson where our husbands were meeting us for dinner. The girls were all supposed to get to shop after hair but we took WAY too long and barely beat them down there. Gary and Narissa did some major planning to make the rest happen along with Martha, Kelby and Drew to get all of our plans and schedules to work out. They booked us rooms at the Hilton on the Landing! What a special treat! The rooms were great. What happens next is worth reading all the rambling about my hair. We had reservations for all of us at a place called Shogun. You see this took some discussion because we have such a wide array of opinions for what a good meal for all of us would be. I don't eat beef or pork therefore picking the steakhouse on the Landing was an automatic no go. I have refused to eat there because it is called Land and Cattle. It just makes me cringe thinking of the name. I'm sure it's great don't get me wrong it's just not a place I would ever pick. All steak houses have great chicken and even seafood but the name alone makes me steer clear! So we headed to what we thought was going to be a wonderful Japanese steakhouse meal… I guess you could say that's a big fat WRONG. How we didn't all get food poisoning is a true miracle. When we pulled up and the place didn't look open we should have pulled off but we were brave and in great moods and headed in the not so fancy doors where we weren't even greeted by a hostess and still hesitated but waited for service. We were seated shortly after but to our surprise the place was dead. There was one couple at a hibachi table alone and then later another group at a near by table other than that we were ALONE. I'm pretty sure they had to call in workers because they weren't the quickest. So I'll spare you all the boring details the meal was… well the meal was expensive and not exactly satisfying. We each went away with funny details from that meal that will never be forgotten the one that we will always tell is "DON'T EAT AT SHOGUN!" Like I said it's a miracle we didn't get sick. When your instinct says turn around don't go in there, listen to it! Sure we all left with full bellies but not exactly the way we wanted them to feel. But let me tell you we had some of the best laughs while there. And until they all brought it up I would have never said a bad thing about it because they picked it for me and worked so hard to make it a meal that I would like so I ate it and smiled and thank the Lord that I wasn't stuck in the bathroom afterwards. After dinner we said good-bye to Bre, Sam and Misty and we headed back to our hotel. We had plans to go to a few places for live music on the Landing but I guess it being  Christmas shopping time it was packed so we couldn't find a seat and quickly left and ended up listening to a hippy band for a few minutes that soon made us want to again head back to the hotel. Even after these few minor hiccups I can say I had the best birthday! I had such a great weekend and can't thank Gary, Narissa and Martha for all the planning and everyone for all the fun enough. It was exactly what I wanted and more! Not to mention the money that G gave me to spend while shopping that I'm still spending since we didn't get to go while down there. I have some of THE BEST friends on this earth! Thanks everyone for every thing! You made my 30th birthday one to remember!!