Just A Walk In The Park

A few weeks ago I kept Mac and Avery so we decided to go to the water park in Strafford. So I called Grandpa and Granny for some assistance and boy am I glad they went! We had a great time!

It took Coop a while to like the water but he finally did.

Mac was a big fan from the get go! He ran all over!
I don't have any pics of Avery because she didn't like it much. Poor thing didn't know what to think about the wild boys splashing and squealing. 

I took Cooper and Avery to the zoo. It was a beautiful day. The first cool day we had in some time. The animals were out and about and everyone was happy.

I think they are pointing at the monkeys.  They pretty much pointed at all the animals. It was fun to work on our animal sounds. We all know I need help with them! 

We even got a pinic at the park before nap time. It was a great day!!

Just a walk in the park as they say.

First Friends

Ever since I found out I was having a boy and started looking through scrapbooking books I've wanted to make a scrapbook page called first friends. The original page had 3 little friends sitting on the couch together. We all got together to celebrate the pregnancy of our dear friends Kelby and Martha Marlin and we were able to capture out little guys playing together. I can't wait to make the page, FIRST FRIENDS out of this picture. I'm sure we'll have many more great photo ops with these boys but I truly love this one!

While we're introducing "friends" I'd like to introduce the newest addition to the family,
Molly Mohnen was born August 18th at 7:55 am. 
Congratulations Drew, Narissa and Mac! 

I'll post more pictures soon! 


For Sale By Owner

We have some dear friends that are trying to sell one of the houses that they own. They both owned homes when they got married and they are still trying to sell one. Would you please join us in prayer to find the right buyer for this perfect starter house in Springfield Mo? If you know someone in the market please pass this info on. Or if you know somebody that knows somebody looking for house, well pass it on to them as too!!
Check out their blog for more details http://barronshouse.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your prayers and help. I know they will appreciate it more than you know!

Trying new things

Cooper has been exploring new things lately. Such as...

Feeding himself yogurt. I got Cooper and Trip these stick like learning utensils. 

As you can see he's not the neatest eater. But hey it was his first try and boy oh boy did he like it!

We weren't the most responsible parents but we let Cooper explore the steps up to the back yard. He thought he was something big.

See, I can do it!

He seems to think he's too big for Mama to break up his banana. He wanted the whole thing. So every morning we have to have a CHUNK not pieces. 
What's next that my baby boy will do on his own?

Our "pantry" is a book shelf for now and he was able to reach the corn meal. He thought it was just as fun as sand. He's not the first to dump the corn meal. Coby did it first a while back only on the couch. You think I'd learn. It's an easy clean up with a little patience and a vacuum. 
Sneaky little thing! 

It's so fun to see what new things he tries to do from day to day. Yesterday we were working on animal sounds. "Cooper, what does a PIG say? Oink Oink." (insert Mama oinking like a pig.) And he replies with something that sounds like Ho Ho Hooo! But hey at least he tried! 


Little Cooper Dillion was just sittin and chillin eating his Grandpa's pie. He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said, "Oh what a good boy am I!"

If you look back to Trip and Cooper's Trees you'll remember that Grandpa, Granny and Great Grandpa planted trees for Cooper and Trip so we could watch them grow with the boys. Well it was time to pick some plums.

Mmmm! The plum was really good actually. 

He shared a bite with everyone. The plum was just as sweet and ripe as a plum you would get at the market. I was pleasantly surprised.

Rosie was so excited for harvest time and wanted to pose for a picture too. Coop likes to pull her ears. What a good doggie. 

Look how tall our trees are Trip! In November we'll get our pictures taken with the trees!

Granny likes to teach what things are. LEAVES.


Well, Trip we're taking good care of our trees! Can't wait to see how BIG you are!

PS. Plum seeds come out the next day. HEHE that's for you Grandpa!