Busy Busy Busy

We've had a busy last couple of weeks. First we'd like to introduce our newest niece Callie Leila Goings. She was born on the 8th. We are so excited to meet her. We will be flying to MX on Friday to meet this sweet baby girl. We love you Callie!!

My Mom, Jerry and Grandmama came to visit. Cooper was kept busy all week with his Gram, Great Gram and Pawpaw. While they were here Cooper turned 8 months old. His facial expressions are funnier everyday. He's on the verge of learning how to crawl. He inch worms backward. He'll get it soon. He loves to stand up so we might skip the crawling and start running!

 He likes the computer. We put it in front of him to see if he'd go to it. He reaches for everything. 

                      He looks like a big kid!

        Eating a pickle while watching the super bowl. 

He got some time to read with Gram.
He got a new book from Parents as Teachers, The Gingerbread Man.

Gram and Great Gram filled the freezer with yummy homemade baby food. First try of blueberries and pears that they made. He was a happy customer!

Love you Gram!

               Cooper and Mac had their first bath together. 

He started pooching both lips out. Usually it's just the bottom lip but he started doing both. He can make you laugh no matter what when this happens.

                              4 Generations

We got him a sippy cup for Valentine's Day. He's trying to figure it out. He loves drinking out of a cup when you tip it for him so it's time to learn on his own.

First Valentine's. Uncle Kirk, Aunt Aimee and Trip sent this bib. Cooper and I had dinner together on Valentine's while Daddy was working his truck.