Cooper's first Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Cooper's first Christmas was eventful. He loved looking at the lights on the tree and out the window at the snow blowing around. We all had our Christmas pj's on that we got for the last day of the advent calendar.

Coop and Gary opened his stocking. He got a camo bass pro sippy cup, and...

Peace Love and Rock n Roll onesie...

and another onesie, and sleeper.

He got a star stacker that sings and lights up when the stars are put back on the peg.

Granny V got him a Bible.

Lots of fun is yet to come with this activity table!
We went to Mamau and Papaw's for lunch and to Grandpa and Granny's for dinner. We had an exciting day!!
Merry Christmas everyone!


6 Months

6 Months

Cooper turned 6 months old on the 9th. Time is flying so fast. He's getting to be so much fun. We are working on sitting up, have tried rice cereal (not a fan), bananas (a little better) and apple sauce (much better).
We are looking forward to his first Christmas. I know he won't know what is going on but it will still be a fun time.
Family Pictures will be posted soon!!


Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree


Every year since Gary and I got married at Christmas we get a new Starbucks ornament. This is the first year that we took the blue scheme out and added red and have a "starbucks" tree, with the addition of a few other ornaments.
Below the tree is an advent calendar. This year I've started hopefully a new tradition that will stick. I filled each box with little coupons for Gary and Cooper. Some days it's a small wooden toy for Cooper or a board book (all from the dollar section at target) or chocolates for Gary or a coupon for me to make his favorite meal. Growing up my brother and I had a calendar that we flipped up to add a new little creature to the nativity scene, I wanted to start a tradition of advent with Cooper. It's a fun way to remember and learn the true meaning of Christmas. Not that getting a little gift everyday is what it's about but it's a fun addition to the calendar. The gifts will never be expensive just little surprises to get when we sit down and celebrate the day. I'm hoping for a fun gift for the 3 of us on the 24th like Christmas pj's.
Our First Starbucks Ornament

This Year's Ornament

I'm on the hunt for the perfect "Baby's First Christmas" ornament to add to the snowman Gary's Grandparents gave him. Not sure what I'll find... to be continued!



Cooper and Trip with Santa

We were able to get the boys to both be happy at Bass Pro to have their picture taken with Santa.
They both loved the store. Lots of lights and things to see.


Thanksgiving and Fall

Kirk and Aimee and Trip came from Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. This was our first time to meet Trip. He's such a little sweety!

Grandpa and the boys

Great Grampa and the boys

4 Generations of Quinlivans

Trip, Cooper and Jack at Thanksgiving.

We got some pictures of the boys in their camo and in the leaves. If one was happy the other one was hungry or tired. But we were able to get some good shots.


More pictures to come!