Week 25

Week 25: Believe it or not, I got this picture up before I was at the end of the week! Hold your applause please!
I need to try to get a picture taken when I get home from work so that I'm not in my comfortable clothes yet. But once again I felt it was better to go ahead to get the picture taken than to try and remember another day. So it's not glamorous but here it is!


Week 24

OK, so I hate this picture but it's the only one that I have. This is week 24 belly. I know I start week 25 tomorrow but I decided to go ahead and post this pic.
Hopefully I'll have a good pic next week. I took this last Sunday for my brother who has a website to follow my sister-in-law and my pregnancy on www.bellywatch.com he didn't post the update for the week so check out the site and maybe next week he'll make you laugh with his original humor! ENJOY!!


Made with Love

Made with Love is an understatement. My sweet sister- Courtney who lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has made these things for Tatertot. Even though we have many miles between I can feel the prayers being lifted up for us and our baby all the way from MX. Court has so graciously taken time out of her busy life and made these things for us. I can't wait to actually use them.
Thank you Court for your love and support even though you had to find a way to get these up here. We love and miss you both and can't wait to see you again.
The baby gift collection wouldn't be complete until there was something penguin in it! Penguins are Court's favorite and I was so excited to receive this little hat and bib as the first thing that she made for us. She came home for Christmas as a surprise little did she know we had our own surprise. With a little word from a friendly bird I was able to keep the secret that we were expecting until she came home to tell her face to face. She had this made already because she knew that one day she'd get the news. So we were both prepared for the moment more than we knew.
This is a sling that she made. I'm very excited to try it out. It's like the new peanut shell slings that are out. She's very talented with her gift of sewing. Nothing like something made especially for you.
Camo fleece hat and Dora bib in spanish. Hopefully our children will be bilingual so they can still play with their "cousins" in MX!
More camo. Court was nice enough to make something that Gary would feel manly using. These are pouches for diapers and wipes. I showed her a picture and she was able to whip them out exactly like what I wanted.

Thank you Court for all the wonderful things you made with love! We are so excited to use all of it.

For those of you who caught at the top that my sweet sister made these and wondered if I had a missing relative they didn't know about, Courtney and I met in the 2nd grade. We soon were in the same dance class where the chunky legs and big cheeks girls became best friends. We continued to be in the same class as the years went on. Forth grade was a time for sleepover and many more memories to come. Together we made it through many life trials . Even with many miles between us we are able to never skip a beat when we see each other.
Court thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do for the work of the Kingdom. I am honored to call you my sister. I love you dearly and miss you tons.

Hang Time

One would think that I'm talking about basketball when reading hang time, however it's time to hang up baby clothes! I am sitting here while Gary watches March Madness so what better time than the present than to post some pictures of what's going on in our little world.

Tatertot's Closet with the clothes that we have so far. We turned our amour into his wardrobe. Just had to add a pole and soon some baskets.

Can you see a theme forming?

Notice it says totally cuter than Daddy. :)
I had to buy it. It was too cute.

It's About Time

We finally got the internet so I'm able to create a blog so that even across the miles our loved ones can watch as my belly and Tatertot (our baby) grows.
So here we go!!!... This could be interesting!