1st Trip To The Zoo

Narissa and I took the boys for their first trip to the zoo. 

We started with a picnic at the park. We had a guest that the boys weren't fans of. It wasn't shy either and apparently it wanted to share our lunch.

First stop- the Monkeys 

Flamingos (for Gram)



We tried to get them to get their picture taken by the tiger statue but as you can see Coop was afraid of it.

The giraffes got a little up close and personal.

As you can see Coop didn't like them either.


We had a great day!! 
Let's see what the next adventure will be.


Sweet Summer

We spent out 4th of July in St. Augustine FL. 
Cooper and I went down a few days earlier then Gary met us there. Aunt Margie was able to get us a Condo at BlueGreen Resort in the World Golf Village. We had a WONDERFUL time! Thank you Aunt Margie!
Here are a "few" (I use that term loosely) pictures to highlight our trip.

The condo had a fantastic pool. Cooper liked it as well. It was warm and welcoming.

Cooper wasn't a fan of the fireworks.  But they put on a good show.

We had some really HOT days so we had to be careful when we went to the beach and then we had cloudy days but we were able to make it a few times. As you can see Coop liked the beach part not so much the ocean part. (Could be because he Daddy let a wave hit him right off the bat...I'm just sayin)

The pool sloped down so he was able to crawl around and stand at the edge.

FINALLY got to have Uncle Randy's shrimp!!! YUM-O!!!

Cooper has decided he really likes to open and close doors. Whether playing alone or with someone holding him he loves it. Gram and Cooper were having a wonderful time playing with the closet door so I decided to hide inside and take a picture. Boy oh Boy did he SQUEAL!!

Here's another shot of him being able to play as he pleased. His little knees got sore by the end of the week with all the concrete crawling.

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A few more pics...
First jigglers, playing with Uncle Art, discovering the puppies with Great Gram, pretty smiles with Aunt Janie and Natasha.

Like I said we had a WONDERFUL time! Thank you Gram and PawPaw for letting us stay with you! We love you very much!