2 and 3 months

Cooper is 3 months old today. Time is flying by so quickly. He's doing well. He weighs right at 12 pounds. Needless to say he's a chuncker already. We see changes daily. We're still working on holding our head up but he's doing well at it. He is a very happy baby. In the mornings when I wake him up he always smiles after he gets his stretches out. Then while eating he has to stop and talk to me making it even harder to leave for work. He takes forever to finish eating because he talks and laughs and kicks and squirms so much but I love it. What better way to start my day than to have a good laugh and see such big smiles with my little man. God has a sense of humor giving me a morning baby. The good thing is he sleeps through the night and typically I'm waking him up to eat so I'm more awake when he's ready to chat.

This is last months bear shot. He wasn't very happy with us. I thought it was cute. Notice the double chin getting bigger! That's my little snuggle bug :) gobbler and all!