Top Notch Vacay

As most of you know Gary works out of town a couple nights a week making for very long weeks for Coop and I so we've recently joined him in Washington Mo for a few mini vacations.  Cooper thinks these are top notch vacations because of a few things : Waffles, Fruit Loops, the Disney channel and a POOL! All things we don't have a home so it's a nice change of pace to get away and stay in a hotel with fun new things. Not to mention there's a Target right across the road which is a haven for me AND a Panera down the road therefore making this a top notch vacay for me as well. Not to mention that we get to spend way more time with Daddy than we typically would. 

We had a great time this past week doing all sorts of things but I'm sure Cooper's favorite is swimming. He'd go at any hour if we let him. He is quite the brave swimmer these days to say the least. We tried out some new muscles- floaties that we had gotten on our last trip to see G instead of the life jacket we had been using. He did great and took his braveness to a new level. Check out these videos for yourself!

Notice he's swimming with his eyes open the little fish. He enjoyed coming up and saying I saw your belly and feet or I saw you waving at me!

He had zero problem jumping off the edge either once we got him to try it one time. Now he is FEARLESS!!

Here's some pics of the muscle man!

After a morning stop for a bagel and coffee at panera we asked for directions to a park and set out.
Had fun even though we wore the wrong shoes and had to keep putting his flipflops back on. This mama is too cautious to let him play without shoes there.  

Here's the happy boy eating all his favorites for breakfast. Waffles, fruitloops, sausage and even orange juice. Hey we're on vacation right? 

Our summer travels are only beginning, we went to see Daddy because our BIG trips start a week from today to see Uncle Kirk, Aunt Aimee and Trip in Oregon so check back soon to see our adventures!!

Happy Birthday Molly! We love you and hope you have a great party. Can't wait to see you in your new birthday outfit!!!