Let's Play In The Snow!

We suited up and went outside for a little play time.

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We took Cooper out in the snow for the first time. It was chilly so he didn't stay out long, he sat in the car with the heat on and music playing.
His snow suit reminds me of Raulphie from A Christmas Story. He's so stiff when wears it, it's so funny. Little Michlin Man.


Happy Birthday Gary & 7 months for Cooper

We had a pretty relaxing day. We went to lunch and finished the day with football games.

Gary and Cooper having cake! (Cooper didn't like it- yes I let him taste a tiny bit)
Happy Birthday Gary! I love you!

I wanted to make a round cake for Gary. So I headed to Target to get some pans. When I turned them out I remembered that my oven is tilted so the cake was a little lop sided. But he enjoyed it.

Cooper shared his 7 month birthday with daddy!! He's getting SO big. Every day is a new discovery. I didn't think I was going to get the bear picture because he was laughing and playing with the bear. It's almost an action shot.

We are working on the sitting up. We can't sit him down and walk away, he'll be on his face in no time. But he's doing good!

He's definitely my baby, he liked the pickle. He usually makes funny faces when trying something new but he kept opening his mouth for more. I let him chew on it for a little bit. I think he liked the cold more than anything but it was dill so he got flavor that's for sure. Let's hope his belly likes it too!

He splashed more in his bath tonight than he has ever. I think he ran a mile in it. Not much water was left. He's sporting the hawk! He kind of looks like a cupie doll.

We've been hearing a cat outside in the frigid cold so Gary decided he needed something to eat. He had warm milk and chicken left over from homemade cashew chicken. This is as far as he would come in. We named him Morris. I think he eats at other houses too. Maybe he'll keep the mice out of my car, if so he can stay!!