This Little Piggy

Cooper has found his feet. If he's on his back you can pretty much guess what he's going to be doing.

He has also discovered that he can stick out his tongue and he does it A LOT! It is so funny!

Multi-talented: he can do both at the same time!
We also got to hear him belly laugh for the first time last night.
Changing daily and getting more fun by the second.

Trip and Cooper's Trees

Last month Dad and Grandpa planted trees for Trip and Cooper in their yard. Here are a few pictures from it.

Cooper and Dad watering his tree.

Sitting on the tractor. I'm sure he'll get a lot of rides next summer.

Cooper, Dad, and Grandpa with both trees in the background.

Cooper with Trip's tree. We'll take care of your tree Trip! This was showing how big the tree was compared to Cooper.
Takin a look at the leaves.

Grandpa and Cooper by the tractor. Happy Birthday Great Grandpa! We planted these on his birthday.


4 Months

Cooper is now 4 months old. He's learning more and more everyday. He's really trying to figure out what in the world his hands do. He got his 4 month shots yesterday and isn't feeling the best today, poor little guy. At least I get a lot of cuddle time!
He's full of smiles. He's still talking a lot in the mornings, so much sometimes that we don't get done eating until it's time to walk out the door. He seems to be the happiest on his changing table. He'll talk forever and flap his arms and legs like he's going somewhere.
He's rolled over to his stomach on the couch several times but gets stuck there.

Can't decide if we are going to smile or cry.

He really likes to play in only his diaper, that's when he moves the most.

This is my favorite picture right now. He's grown to love his bath. He'll even splash every once in a while.