What Wearing Pink Means To Me

As most of you know October is breast cancer awareness month. This year I had the awesome and God appointed chance to do something different to recognize the month. I just got back from Florida this afternoon (pics from that to come later) but while I was there I was able to run a 5K - Pink Up The Pace, for breast cancer awareness.
You see, for several years I've worn a pink streak in my hair for awareness but more importantly for a sweet sweet soul, my Grandmama's best friend Ms Janelle. We had the privilege of having her in our family for as long as I can remember. She's always been around when we went to visit the family in Florida. She always had us over for a meal and swimming in her pool. However the reason I hold her so near and dear to my heart is because she was one of the most beautiful Christian women I've ever met. She prayed my family through everything, including the birth of Cooper and the adventure we went through getting him here. I've always said she was the only Jesus my family knew. Living in Missouri and my family living in Florida there is a disconnect when it comes to certain things so my prayer always was that if I couldn't be the one to witness to my family and show them Christ's love that He would put someone in their lives and Ms Janelle was always that person. A sister in Christ and a kind loving woman she is the reason I wear pink and the reason I ran this race. When I found out that there was going to be a 5K while I was in FL I was so happy but then when I found out what it was for I was ecstatic! How awesome to run in her honor and memory IN FLORIDA where she lived?! I told my Mom that I would probably cry the entire run because this is a cause that I feel strongly about. I didn't cry the entire race, I didn't cry even most of the race but I did wake up with tears in my throat and had to fight them when I showed up that morning to see a sea of pink from the 3000 participants that had joined to raise awareness and find a cure but when I really had to compose myself was when I was running behind a little boy, maybe 9 years old, who's hat had hand written on the bill, "I'M RUNNING FOR MY MOM".   I. ABOUT. LOST. IT! I was literally whimpering, had an ugly cry face, and was crying while running. I had to tell myself to pull it together or I'd never finish this thing because I had just started. How many Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters, and BEST FRIENDS were people running for that day? More than we can even count I'm sure. So what a blessing to be a speck in the giant "SEA OF PINK" for the day.
But one more thing, I wasn't just a speck for that day, I have pink hair again this year. This year I dyed it instead of wearing an extension. I wanted to do something different and was able to do this for pennies with the help of a stylist friend who got me the dye.
I know dying my hair pink or wearing a bracelet isn't what it's all about but it's my way of feeling like I've done a little to show I care and I care for those touched by this.

Some pics from the event..

 At the packet pick up they had a pink fire truck. Coop and Gram waited patiently while I stood in line to get my number and shirt so we needed a picture of them by the truck.

After the race.  
Coop wanted to run the race with me (I found that out after the fact) so we cut through and ran across the finish line again. Everyone cheered for him and he was so excited. 

 He's showing his muscles after our run. This was in effort to get him to leave. I told him to pick a runner to have his picture taken with. :)

The sea of pink.
I'm standing by the tree.

We miss you Ms. Janelle. Thank you for touching our lives and the lives of others. We love you, it was an honor to run for you.