Week 29 - "He's a keeper"

So it's not the best picture I've ever taken but it was the best of the bunch. Gary kind of gets annoyed I think when he's taking them and I keep saying EWWW NO!

I had a doctor's appointment today. It went really well! He came in and said how's my aneeba patient doing? Whatever that means. -That I'm going to be an independent one!
As he pushed around on tatertot he said "what did you change that was so dramatic to make your blood pressure what it was that day to what it is today other than your diet? The caffeine that you had and being anxious that day couldn't have been it all. Your blood pressure is SO much better. That just doesn't happen, especially this late in pregnancy."
After he finished the exam and we were walking out he said he may do a case study on me later because this just doesn't happen normally. People's blood pressure doesn't normally get back to normal and stay there this late. So that was good news.
The crazy news is I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. I can't believe that I'm that close to the end of my pregnancy to already have my last ultrasound scheduled and my every 2 weeks appointments starting. That just blows my mind!

For the "he's a keeper" part...
Gary and I were driving home tonight and he asked me about how big the baby was now. (I get a weekly update telling how big he is.) I told him what it said this week. About 2 1/2 pounds and 15 inches. He said, "that's a good size fish! He's a keeper." Then he asked if that made him a hillbilly!!
I did get a good laugh out of it as I shook my head at him. I guess if the internet can compare our baby to the size of produce he can compare it to a fish. Just sounds kind of funny but all those descriptions do. That's what makes them so fun to read. So the fun part every week is to find out what vegetable the baby is that week. This week he weighs the amount of a butternut squash. So the next time you're at the grocery store pick up a butternut squash and know that tatertot is close to that! :)


Time Flies... Week 28

So I didn't manage to post a week 27 picture but a lot has happened in the mean time so I'll try to catch you up. I'm still on the low sodium diet. Hopefully I'll get a good report from the dr. next week when I go for my check up.

While I didn't get the pictures up for week 27 we stayed busy. We had our "First Annual Friends/Family Pig Roast". We had a blast. After a lot of hard work and many trips to the store we pulled it off. Here you see the people that put it all together.

This Photo I call "The Hams".

I went to St. Louis to celebrate the 101 years of life lived by my Great Nan. While there I got to spend some time with my cousins. In this picture are Jenna, her daughter Madaline and Janelle. While there I was sitting around with some other family members and we started talking about having families. My dad's cousin Denise asked me if we had children so I told her that we were having on in July. She was amazed by the "lack of belly". She made me stand up and show it off, then told me to turn around. I said, "yes that's were he is!" They all laughed and then we continued the conversation of who has booties there. My nana then tells me that she carried my dad in her rear! I said, "why didn't you warn me!!??" She said I thought you knew. So I then discovered where the back side came from because my whole life I've wondered where it came from. So after 27 years I FINALLY found out where it came from. THANKS NANA!!! At least now I know! We had a good laugh.

This is Gary putting the crib together. At first it looks like a lost cause but after reading the instructions and A LOT of laughs at each other...

We got it put together! No bedding yet. I still have to find material for it so my mom can make it for us. But at least we have a bed!

So there you go. A little recap of what's been going on in our world the last week or 2.


Week 26

Well kids I can still see my feet. This picture was Gary's idea. He tried to take it but then I thought it was better from my point of view instead it him taking it of my belly at that angle.
So that's good news! Feet... I can still see you!!

This is week 26. Getting bigger. Tatertot moves all the time! Tatertot probably isn't the best nickname for him because he's so active. When I think of a tatertot I think of something that is small, round and lazy. Lazy is NOT the word for him! He may be small but can pack a punch. I tell him often that he's going to get a long with his dad great because they both like mornings. Gary wakes up singing and Tatertot wakes up squirming around; both early. Have fun boys, I'm sleeping in... HA! I'm sure that'll happen.


Sugar or Salt?

Please tell me how you can make someone drink 8 ounces of fruit punch flavored sugar and them tell me that eating fruit snacks before drinking it, may cause my glucose to be too high?
Ok so here's the story...
I had my two week check up (follow up for blood pressure and swelling) and I walk in the lab to drop off my "sample" and they said Tammi, you're doing your glucose test today too. "SHUT-UP" I blurt out without thinking. Like they know my sense of humor. After a good laugh with the lab nurses we discussed what I had to eat an hour before I had gotten there and I shamefully had to admit that I had fruit snacks (little did they know that I had a watermelon jolly rancher in my cheek that I quickly spit out as soon as I went into the bathroom). They said well if it was an hour ago you should be good.
So there I sat with my fruit punch sugar drink (which wasn't bad, so girls if you're planning I recommend it) with a straw and sucked it down wondering how drinking 50 mg of sugar could be good for you one, and how it could show something good from drinking SO MUCH SUGAR!!
Ok, Ok I read on the test I understand what it is but doesn't it sound a little strange?
Here's my thought as I sit and wait for an hour while the sugar circulates and makes me feel far from fabulous: How can they tell me I'm diabetic and have to be on a low sodium diet? How could they take my sodium and sugar away? This could not be good. I'd have to have a feeding tube for sure. It's hard enough to find food to enjoy that follows a 2000 mg a day diet, let alone watch sugar too.
Good news... I passed! I don't have gestational diabetes! Praise the Lord, what would I have done?! He really was looking out for my sanity and everyone elses that has to listen to me and try to find low sodium food. (you're welcome everyone!) So bring on the sugar kids!! I'm still in the game!