That's What Little Boys Are Made Of

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.
That's what little boys are made of. 

Cooper has been proving more and more that he is ALL BOY lately. We've had all sorts of boy adventures and gross stuff from catching lizards, snakes and frogs to splashing in the mud he's done it all with pure joy. -Has this mama? Not so much but I'm glad he's enjoying these things. 

Bass Pro is one of Coopers favorite places. He's telling a big fish story here. He knows the store and can tell you where every fish, turtle and alligator is. There are rare trips to Springfield when he doesn't ask to go to there because he typically sees the billboard as we pull into town. Thank you Bass Pro for such good advertising that even an almost 3 year old can be lured in by it! 

This week we went to the zoo looking for J things. Last week we did Z so it was a good excuse to go for 2 letters. Z for Zoo and Zebra and J for Jumping animals. We had a great trip with beautiful weather. Courtney and Betsy got him this cute monkey shirt, he was thrilled to sport it to the zoo. 

Coop absolutely loves trains so our trip to the zoo was complete with a ride on the express. 

Riding the rails!

Our next boy adventure is playing in the hose or sprinkler. This week we added a pool. Pool side is where I worked on most of this post… by pool I mean a green turtle sandbox that we put water in. That counts right? I WISH! Hey it keeps him happy and busy and I get a little vitamin D from my lounge chair. I think it's a win win. 

We've had fun watching our garden grow. We already have tomatoes on one of the plants. He enjoys watering it and unfortunately tiptoeing through it. Hopefully when the plants get bigger he'll understand. 

I ran in my first functional 5K last weekend so the boys had the morning and afternoon together. I came home to these flowers they picked while riding the mule checking out the hunting grounds. 

He begs to watch movies on the computer which to him it means watching PBS kids.org clips of his shows he watches already but it keeps him happy and busy for a short while. Doesn't he look like he knows what he's doing? He gets to play with our iphones but we don't let the work happen on laptop just yet. His time will come but he's still a little rough. 

Here's where my BOY is ALL BOY!

After an afternoon outside with G, Coop came in with his "buddies" to show me… 3 lizards, a frog and a little green snake...

...that currently resides in a jar in our kitchen. This mama has caught more bugs for a snake to eat than any mama cares to! 
For breakfast on this morning it had ants! I'm pretty sure his time is limited but we've had luck thus far. I'm not sure if it's eating any of the bugs but it's still alive. 

He caught his first lizard this week all by himself! He did it like a pro. He was so excited and so proud of himself. We had to call Daddy to tell him. He played with it for a while then said he was done and let it go. Crazy kid! 

Having fun with Coop and Mama! 
At the end of the day after hands are washed, chickens are fed and put to bed, snakes have their bugs and the mud is washed off and out of the tub I still cherish every single boy adventure he takes me on. We have so much fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Coop you keep your mama hoppin but I sure do love you and enjoy every second together.