Hola from Mexico!

So I know went to Mexico a month ago but like I said earlier it's hard having 2 computers with different pictures on them. SIGH!

We had a wonderful time in Mexico. It was so great to have that time with Courtney. Cooper and Callie had fun with each other. Their little personalities were so fun to watch. Coop wanted to lead her around and Callie wanted to call the shots on the games they played. It was quite humerus to watch. By the end of our trip you could see the exhaustion in both kiddos having gotten to play so hard all week.
We went to the beach one day, however my child gets fixated on something and it can make him/us/me miserable. We had an umbrella up and the umbrella bag was wrapped around it, there was no way for it to blow away unless the umbrella it's self blew away yet Coop felt the need to have a complete and udder melt down because of it. I had to remove him from our spot on the beach for what felt like forever so he would calm down. He still had moments when he would see it in the wind and would freak out again but we tried to distract him as much as possible. We were both crying at one point because I had no idea what to do with him. That was a very interesting day. Thankfully Preston let Courtney and I go out for lunch and do a little shopping while the kiddos napped and that was a much needed escape for both of us. THANK YOU PRESTON!
Preston and I ran in a 5K Sunday morning before church. We originally were supposed to run a 10K thankfully it was cancelled because I had what felt like the flu in the middle of the night before the run so it was hard enough to run the 5 let alone a 10. I'm pretty sure someone would have been picking me up off the cobblestone. It was a really nice morning to run, it was a great change of scenery for me to run in as well since I run between cow fields and hay fields when I'm at home with the few 5K's in Springfield.
It was a great time to spend with great friends.
Thank you Preston, Courtney, Callie and Addison for having us we can't wait to see you in just a few short weeks!!! We love you!

(PS. I know I have misspelled words in my slide show. Like I said this has been kicking my tail the last couple days.)

Happy Fall Ya'll

What can I say. I'm no longer up to date on my blog. I'd like to use the expression "Excuses are like…" but I won't. I will say that since G travels so often during the week he takes the laptop with him and most of these photos are on it. We haven't managed to drop our pics into the "icloud" sphere yet. So hang in there with me.



 Our days have been kind of chilly this week but we walked up to Bapa's today anyway to get out of the house and burn some energy. I pointed out the hole in the tree on our way up there and on our way back Coop decided to stop and see if anyone was home.  
We're not sure if anyone lives in there but it looks like a great place for a critter of some sort to cozy up in.

Tonight for dinner we had homemade spinach alfredo pizza and Coop wasn't the biggest fan but he was required to eat some before he could move on to something else. Mainly tonight I made him eat it because I knew he liked it or at least had eaten it several times before so I wasn't going to just give in this time. So after his piece he asked for some bread. I asked if he wanted anything on it and gladly he agreed to some peanut butter. "And jelly too!?"

My question is how do kids just learn to not eat the crust? I didn't teach him this. I don't cut off the crust. I don't even typically cut off the peeling on an apple but he even leaves that if he's eating sliced apples. How does this happen? Do kids teach each other these tricks?

Crust anyone?

Hope you're having beautiful Fall weather. We are enjoying seeing the leaves change but I'm already ready for warm weather... Oh wait I get a little breath of warm air in a week because Coop and I will head down to see my best friend Courtney and her beautiful family. Courtney and Preston just welcomed their sweet baby girl Addison to the family in September so we are excited to meet her and get some fun play time with Callie. Don't worry I'll keep you posted on our trip and the fun times we have! Cooper is especially excited to swing with Callie. He talks about it everyday so he's ready too. Pray for good flights and for Cooper as this is his first flight in his own seat. dundunduuun!!! 


Fun Times

We stay busy around here trying to do fun things and go do fun activities. Here's several pictures of what's been going on around here. 

Coop and I joined several Marshfield people at a football game to cheer on a friend that is head coaching at a near by town. We enjoyed fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that they had at the game.

While skyping with Gram last week Coop had a good time showing off his milk mustache. He really likes mustaches these days. He wants to draw them so when he knows he has one he runs to the bathroom too look in the mirror. 

A few weeks ago we went to town shopping at the mall, while there Gary let Cooper ride the little .50 rides at the food court where of course he wanted to ride again but we had other things to do so he later got to ride the escalator as his second ride. He was all smiles! 
Parents as Teachers had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch and a friend and I took the kiddos. Coop had fun playing in the pool filled with corn and also got to pet a calf they had there.

 He got to pick out a pumpkin.

Posing with his pick.

Cooper and Hollis with their pumpkins. 

Both years that we've taken him he's felt the need to sit on a pumpkin. 

Hollis and Coop practicing being old men playing tic-tac-toe. 
After we left the pumpkin patch we headed back to Joni's where he got to sit on their horse. He liked it until it shifted it's weight and he was "all done!"

The horse followed us out of the pasture. It was funny it wanted to be in the action. 
He also got to collect eggs out of the chicken coop.

 I think he's making sure they weren't coming in to get him. 

He only wanted to collect one but she sent the 4 home with us that they had. 

We've been enjoying our fall days hope you have been as well!


More Letters

 Apparently I'm slacking in the blogging department! I let the week pass and also pass on a post so I'm going to play catch up. I'll let you know what we've done in the letter world and just some fun things happening around here.

To finish up C-O-O-P-E-R  we did E elephant sandwiches. We had a couple of these. The other one had a jelly covered ear and banana legs. He liked it. 

 R we painted a rainbow in tub using colored shaving cream. This was a HUGE hit. Just put a few drops of food coloring in shaving cream, mix it up and you're ready to have a good time painting in the tub. It didn't stain the wall either in case you were wondering!

After we finish up his name letters we moved on to F. We had a lot of fun with F week. We had football sandwiches, 

We went on a ride on the mule to look for Farm Animals. We stopped to see these cute babies because he wanted to kiss them everyday we drove by them. He didn't kiss them but he enjoyed watching them.
 A few houses down were these horses that we stopped and watched. 
We had a good time looking for farm animals around the countryside!

Funny faces were fun to do! He had a good time making them. I knew he'd like them since he's been interested in mustaches and eyebrows. The other day I let him open the mail, he tore a little piece and thought it looked like an eyebrow. He put it on a picture that was on the mail. It was funny!

We also had a few apple frogs. Of course they were fun since they had marshmallow and chocolate chip eyes. 

Then we moved onto B. 
Here he's covering a B with beans. He did well doing this. He sprinkled them on and liked seeing which ones stuck and which ones bounced off.

Pancakes serve as a great tool for the letter weeks. So we had Bear pancakes with Blueberry eyes. 

I got him this blowfish bubble blower when Gary and I went to Iowa for a sponsor event for Hallowed Ground. Anytime we have bubbles out turns into a good time. 

I'll do another post of just fun stuff that we've been doing around here to make this post not 10 years long. 
Hope you're enjoying the beautiful fall days!


P Week

 P week was crazy busy!! We had a house full of people. Gram, PawPaw and GiGi were here from Florida. We tried to keep up with activities as much as we could. 

He painted a P. It didn't stay this neat though. He began painting with his hands and them somehow ended up getting it in his hair. He had blue bangs until his bath. 

P for Pancake was fun. He ate several pancakes that morning. 

He had a picnic with PawPaw and Gram. Complete with P food. Peanut butter and Jelly, Pizza and Pickles. Yes it's quite the variety of food but that's what it took to get him to eat was to keep offering him things off our plates (the pizza and pickles). 

The hide and seek was fun this week. I put it in a plastic pumpkin and found all the P objects I could, pony, pasta, pig, pink, P's. Gram and Gigi helped with this. 

One fun thing that we got to do was open a package from Uncle Kirk, Aunt Aimee and Trip. It had so many fun things in it! It was a package what will continue to be fun. He also got a few post cards in the mail. 

Over the weekend after the fam left Gary and I went to Iowa for a sponsor event for Hallowed Ground Outdoors so Coop got to stay with Papaw and Mamaw. He had a great time as usual. They said he ate them out of house and home. I don't have any pictures from this past weekend of him with them but they shared some from their last trip to the zoo. It was fun that he stayed with them during P week since it was Papaw and Parker was there too. 

Hope you're having a great week. Go paint something and get messy!

Bonus pictures I had to share:

 Look closely… he was playing with my eyeshadow! At least he didn't put it on his eyes. He was playing with the little brush so it was soft on his face. I'll keep telling myself that at least. 

O Week

It's been busy in the Hamilton house so I'll split the last two weeks into 2 different posts so I don't overwhelm you. 

For O week we did some fun things. 

We went to the library for Cooper's first story hour. He did very well. He didn't want to sit on his carpet square for long, he sat on my lap. But we had fun regardless. We checked out his first books, that happened to have an O theme. They were both really cute books about Oceans and a fun squid.

The story hour books were about sheep so we made sheep ears during craft time.

After doing our shopping for some O food we decorated an O. I did splurge more for O food than I normally would but it was fun. We decorated the O with fruity Cheerios.  As you can see he enjoyed eating them. He kept saying "I eat it? Tastes like candy!" 

Working hard on decorating the O.

O food was fun! I made this owl out of bread and peanut butter, bananas, raisins, pineapple, the treats were the chocolate chip centers in the eyes and it's nose was half of an oreo. 

He had a good time dissecting the owl as he ate it. 

He got to paint with Oranges. Orange prints were fun and a little messy but he had a good time. Anytime the paint comes out he enjoys it!
I didn't do the hide and seek bag this week because I didn't have a lot of O objects to hide but honestly he picked up O quicker than any letter that we've done thus far so the lack of time and lack of O objects didn't effect him too much. We also fit in a trip to Orschlen with Bapa. AKA the chicken store, so it could have fit in last week as well but the wrong C sound for this activity so far.  I didn't take pictures of everything that we did but you get the idea and can see that he's having a great time with the letters!

Hope you're having a great week!