Daddy's Little Helper

Gary and Cooper got outside to do some work today. I tried to sneak out and get some shots but I had to work to get them a little more than I thought because once Coop saw me he was a little distracted. 
They were out picking up sticks in the yard enjoying some fresh air while I mopped and cleaned the bathroom.

Little Helper

He was really working hard! 

Those are some heavy chains.

Checking the tires I suppose.


They made some great progress in the yard and I got a lot of cleaning done. 

Hope you can get outside and get some fresh air and enjoy some yard work too!


Happy Easter!

HE is risen! HE is risen indeed!!
We celebrated Easter by attending a wonderful Easter service at church, opening Cooper's baskets, taking a nap and having dinner with Bapa and Granny. We also got a skype in with Uncle Kirk, Aunt Aimee and Trip. Cooper and Trip compared Easter basket goodies.

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We had fun dying eggs last night as well. Cooper had fun hunting them in the house. We had to hunt inside because we've been experiencing a monsoon ALL weekend. It's about time to get out the canoes to get to town.

We were able to take a few shots between raindrops of us in our Easter outfits. Coop didn't smile for the timer on the camera but we still thought his expressions were funny.  Aren't the dogwoods lovely in the back? I adore how they feather the woods against the green leaves.

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend rejoicing that we serve a risen Savior and enjoying time with family and friends. 


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods. We are complete with potted plants, blooming flower beds, dogwoods and redbuds in full bloom and a yard full of dandelions. We are experiencing a lot of rain right now and are wishing it would go away for a trip to Silver Dollar City and for Gary's turkey hunting. 

Cooper spotted a BEE! It was funny how still he was when he saw it… below is the scary creature.

We have a cat now thanks to our friends Kelby and Martha. Her name is Rikki. This was the first day that she warmed up to Cooper. He was a big fan of it, enough to try to climb under the fence to follow her to the pasture next to us.  I caught him before he made it any farther. I couldn't believe he tried to go under the fence! As you can tell he wasn't happy that I stopped him and that Rikki was getting away.

Next are some shots from the yard, trees, pots and yard guests.

I've always loved petunias. They have such vibrant colors and are so easy to take care of. 

As you can see our yard has a TON of these "fun" wonders…
This picture I took with my phone. Gary took the good ones.

Grandpa- aka: Bapa taught him how to blow them. I don't think we figured out the "make a wish" part yet.  He had a good time blowing them and getting seeds stuck to his face. Not sure how many he ate.

We hope your spring days are blooming with fun. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise your lungs by spreading more dandelion seeds. 


Enjoy the View

Last week I went to work with Dad to help out since Erin got a new job. I had to take some pictures to show how high up he was working. I stayed down on the ground to send up hoses and such and turn the water off and on. I was hoping for a suntan but it was so windy that my jacket didn't come off.  Dad had to wash out the two silos from the top.

If you enlarge the picture you can see Dad at the top lowering down a rope so I could tie it to the hose. The silos were 60 ft tall. Being so windy on the ground you can only imagine how windy it was on top. Climbing up the ladder Dad turned around and said it's like a hurricane!!!

I did end up climbing to the top just to say I did at the end of the day. So I had to take some pictures of the view. You can kind of see my shadow in this one. It's at the right side of the right silo where you see a white sign. I'm standing there. 

These are shots of Erin's new workplace Polar. We took them so she could see it from afar :)
It was so windy that I think we could have held onto the railing and let our feet blow in the breeze. Well maybe not that windy but it certainly was gusty. 


Planting Flowers

After Cooper's very long nap today (he had been to the zoo with his papaw and mamaw so he was tired) we went outside to plant some flowers in a few planters and pots that I have. 
Cooper enjoyed watering the yard, rocks and dirt with the water hose while I planted.  He wanted to water my planters before I had the flowers in them so I put some dirt in the pot saucer so he could play with that. He enjoyed slashing in the puddles that he soon created. Notice the rubber boots, I figured we might as well be in flip flops or rubber boots if we had the hose out and he of course picked the boots. No surprise here. He LOVES his boots!

It was a gorgeous day today so I was glad we were able to get outside and enjoy the weather. 
Hope you were able to enjoy some beautiful and play outside wherever you are as well!