Ice Ice Baby

Cooper has an obsession with chomping on ice. We were trying to distract him from wanting ice one day by singing "Ice Ice Baby". He thought it was funny and repeated us. So now he sings it at random. Here we are outside playing and he wanted my iced coffee ice cubes so he sang it. He found the alligator on my shorts at the end. 

Here's a throw back for the 90's kids out there. And a refresher to the ones that don't know the song i.e. my dad!  

Hope you're having a funky fresh Tuesday! Peace out!


Camera Fun

I'm sure I've mentioned that we got a new camera for Christmas and we are still learning how to use it but lately we've been trying to get out and really try to get some good shots. We also got a new lens recently to add some creativity to our photos. Gary has been doing a great job with the camera and editing the pictures. I've taken a few that turned out well but G is the one that does so well. We had a nice slide show made but I can't get it to post. I wanted to go ahead and post some of the pictures that some of you have already seen on facebook for those of you who aren't on there. So skip through or enjoy :)

Hope you're enjoying your summer and are able to get out of the heat and have some fun!