Lots of firsts...

On Halloween Cooper and I took a "Firsts Trip."

It was his first Halloween.

His first plane ride. He did amazing. We never had any problems. I was so happy that he did so well.

It was is first time to "trick-or-treat" and to meet Aunt Janie and Uncle Randy while we went. We only trick or treated them. But we brought his bag that Aunt Aimee made him.

While staying at his Gram and PawPaw's we had a good time. He got to snuggle a lot and show his tricks. He likes to go outside so Gram took him outside.

He read the paper with PawPaw. Then he tore up the sports section. ("no body messes with Paw Paw's paper!")
He got to meet his cousin Hunter (and all the other boys)

He had his first carousel ride.

We ate at the Cheese Wheel, my favorite sandwich place.

We surprised his Great Grandmama for her 75th birthday and got to ride in a limo for the first time.

He met his Great Great Granddaddy.

This is Grandmama in the center holding Cooper and Hunter standing in front of Natasha, then Natasha and I (grand daughters), then Mom and Aunt Janie (daughters).

Cooper and I had a wonderful time! Thank you Gram and PawPaw for having us! We love you!


  1. I LOVE his costume!!!! He is getting to be a little chuck! :)

  2. I am so happy that you guys are doing so well. Cooper is amazing, you are beautiful inside and out and I am sure you guys have so many reasons to smile and praise every single day.

    I miss you so much... Your hair looks great, you look great.

    Jess Cowan