1st Trip To The Zoo

Narissa and I took the boys for their first trip to the zoo. 

We started with a picnic at the park. We had a guest that the boys weren't fans of. It wasn't shy either and apparently it wanted to share our lunch.

First stop- the Monkeys 

Flamingos (for Gram)



We tried to get them to get their picture taken by the tiger statue but as you can see Coop was afraid of it.

The giraffes got a little up close and personal.

As you can see Coop didn't like them either.


We had a great day!! 
Let's see what the next adventure will be.


  1. That looks SO fun! I LOVE Coop's shirt. Love you sis

  2. That's probably the same peacock that scared Coby to death last year. He did not like it yelling at him.

    Looks like they had a great time. Those boys are adorable.