Snow Days

Like the famous words from Rescuers Down Under,
"Bernard, this is NO time to play in the snow!"
It really wasn't any time to play in the snow due to FRIGID FRIGID temperatures but Cooper had cabin fever. So Grandpa a.k.a. Bapa came with sled in hand to take Coop down the hill a few times.

They went down the big hill a few times.

Then we just played on a small slope because Grandpa was tired of walking the hill. Rightfully so!

Coop insisted on swinging… so they did.

The next day we went to play in the FRIGID temperatures too, to once again get out of the house.

Once again we have a Ralphie this year. He can't walk in his get up very well but he gives it a shot.

My handsome men

I kind of think he's saying, "REALLY?"
He was a trooper all bundled up not being able to walk or talk. Hopefully we'll get some more snow that has warmer temperatures where he can play and not freeze.

Happy Snow Days!

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