Planting Flowers

After Cooper's very long nap today (he had been to the zoo with his papaw and mamaw so he was tired) we went outside to plant some flowers in a few planters and pots that I have. 
Cooper enjoyed watering the yard, rocks and dirt with the water hose while I planted.  He wanted to water my planters before I had the flowers in them so I put some dirt in the pot saucer so he could play with that. He enjoyed slashing in the puddles that he soon created. Notice the rubber boots, I figured we might as well be in flip flops or rubber boots if we had the hose out and he of course picked the boots. No surprise here. He LOVES his boots!

It was a gorgeous day today so I was glad we were able to get outside and enjoy the weather. 
Hope you were able to enjoy some beautiful and play outside wherever you are as well!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures- so cute! Glad you're enjoying some warm weather. I'm afraid we are still far from shorts and t-shirts here...