O Week

It's been busy in the Hamilton house so I'll split the last two weeks into 2 different posts so I don't overwhelm you. 

For O week we did some fun things. 

We went to the library for Cooper's first story hour. He did very well. He didn't want to sit on his carpet square for long, he sat on my lap. But we had fun regardless. We checked out his first books, that happened to have an O theme. They were both really cute books about Oceans and a fun squid.

The story hour books were about sheep so we made sheep ears during craft time.

After doing our shopping for some O food we decorated an O. I did splurge more for O food than I normally would but it was fun. We decorated the O with fruity Cheerios.  As you can see he enjoyed eating them. He kept saying "I eat it? Tastes like candy!" 

Working hard on decorating the O.

O food was fun! I made this owl out of bread and peanut butter, bananas, raisins, pineapple, the treats were the chocolate chip centers in the eyes and it's nose was half of an oreo. 

He had a good time dissecting the owl as he ate it. 

He got to paint with Oranges. Orange prints were fun and a little messy but he had a good time. Anytime the paint comes out he enjoys it!
I didn't do the hide and seek bag this week because I didn't have a lot of O objects to hide but honestly he picked up O quicker than any letter that we've done thus far so the lack of time and lack of O objects didn't effect him too much. We also fit in a trip to Orschlen with Bapa. AKA the chicken store, so it could have fit in last week as well but the wrong C sound for this activity so far.  I didn't take pictures of everything that we did but you get the idea and can see that he's having a great time with the letters!

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. The owl sandwich you made was great! I will have to steal that! I love Coop's comment about the fruity Cheerios. So cute!

  2. i LOVE the owl. How cute and creative. I am going to copy all yours and Aimee's ideas :)