Hola from Mexico!

So I know went to Mexico a month ago but like I said earlier it's hard having 2 computers with different pictures on them. SIGH!

We had a wonderful time in Mexico. It was so great to have that time with Courtney. Cooper and Callie had fun with each other. Their little personalities were so fun to watch. Coop wanted to lead her around and Callie wanted to call the shots on the games they played. It was quite humerus to watch. By the end of our trip you could see the exhaustion in both kiddos having gotten to play so hard all week.
We went to the beach one day, however my child gets fixated on something and it can make him/us/me miserable. We had an umbrella up and the umbrella bag was wrapped around it, there was no way for it to blow away unless the umbrella it's self blew away yet Coop felt the need to have a complete and udder melt down because of it. I had to remove him from our spot on the beach for what felt like forever so he would calm down. He still had moments when he would see it in the wind and would freak out again but we tried to distract him as much as possible. We were both crying at one point because I had no idea what to do with him. That was a very interesting day. Thankfully Preston let Courtney and I go out for lunch and do a little shopping while the kiddos napped and that was a much needed escape for both of us. THANK YOU PRESTON!
Preston and I ran in a 5K Sunday morning before church. We originally were supposed to run a 10K thankfully it was cancelled because I had what felt like the flu in the middle of the night before the run so it was hard enough to run the 5 let alone a 10. I'm pretty sure someone would have been picking me up off the cobblestone. It was a really nice morning to run, it was a great change of scenery for me to run in as well since I run between cow fields and hay fields when I'm at home with the few 5K's in Springfield.
It was a great time to spend with great friends.
Thank you Preston, Courtney, Callie and Addison for having us we can't wait to see you in just a few short weeks!!! We love you!

(PS. I know I have misspelled words in my slide show. Like I said this has been kicking my tail the last couple days.)


  1. I'm so glad you got to go to Mexico! Looks like a fun trip despite the few freak out moments :)

  2. It's certainly encouraging to be reminded that other moms experience those moments as well. :) Glad you had a great time! Hope to see you soon!