Family of 4 Announcement

We've had an exciting couple of months with the anticipation of announcing that we are expecting. Gary had been dreaming of making a video of Cooper announcing our news. He did a great job and Coop did an amazing job acting and being patient with us asking him to do things over and over again.

So if you haven't seen the video yet take a look and enjoy!!
Merry Christmas Coop

To answer a few questions:
I am due June 21 2013. I have been feeling great. I'm getting past the completely exhausted stage and that feels so good. I do have a cold today and yesterday but to have not been sick the past 12 weeks it's hard to complain about a runny nose and headache.
Cooper is excited. His prayer lately has been, "Dear God, thank you for my mommy and daddy who take care of me and thank you for my new baby that will be here after my birthday. Thank you for our blessings. Amen."  MELT. MY. HEART!!!
We will still be in shop so we'll share a room with the babe until we built and move. We will hopefully if everything goes alright with the bank will start that in the spring so that's exciting as well. We are trying to decide on house plans.
Gary is excited to have a baby to snuggle with. And I'm excited to see our family grow. Our prayer is that this pregnancy continues to go smoothly without complications. So far so good. The doctor plans to monitor more closely after the 20 week ultrasound which makes me happy to have the extra peace of mind.

Thank you for your continued prayers and excitement with us.

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