Due Dates

So last Wednesday the 15th was my due date and tomorrow is my sister-in-laws. Cooper was already here for my due date for a month and theirs will be here very soon!
Kirk and Aimee, my bro and his little wifey are expecting their bundle of joy any day now. Cooper will have a cousin very close to his age. Originally Aimee and I had due dates a week apart. Gary, Cooper and I are so excited to meet their little guy. We are praying for a safe and fast delivery for them.
Aimee, Kirk is a big guy so take it all out on him, he can take it! :) We can't wait to meet him. Tell him Uncle Gary, Aunt Tammi and Coop love him. Oh we love you too!

Here are a few new pics of Coop.

He's my little monkey. I love to cuddle him.
His little cheeks are getting bigger. He's around 8 lbs!

One of our few awake times of the day. We're still working on the whole days and nights thing.

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  1. I never think babies look specifically like anyone.....but OH MY, Cooper looks just like Gary. So fun!!