Welcome Cooper Dillion Hamilton

Cooper Dillion Hamilton arrived June 9th at 4:55 pm, weighed 4 lbs 15 oz and 18.5 inches.
After several weeks of bed rest at the Ronald McDonald House we were able to meet our sweet little man 5 weeks early.
Here's the short story. On May 14th I went in for my ultrasound and found out that I had very low amniotic fluid so they admitted me to the hospital for 6 days then we moved to the RMH where we stayed until we met our little guy. He had to stay in the NICU for 13 days, we got to bring him home on Father's Day. Gary said it was the best Father's Day present he could have ever asked for.

Thank you for ALL the prayers that were sent up for us while we were waiting for him. We love you all.

Here's a few pictures before we met him and after.

Love at first sight

Our First Family Photo

Stay tuned... hopefully now that we're home I can keep up on posts.


  1. Thanks for the post!! I loved seeing the hospital pictures. I sure do miss you.

  2. Congrats Tammy! What a blessing! And I see ou had the extra joy of a c-section. I had an emergency c-section with Andrew. He decided he didn't want to come out so he wrapped himself up in the cord. :) I'm hoping for a VBAC this time.

    Hope all cont. to go well for you guys! Enjoy these early moments. Even those without sleep. Too soon they will have slipped away and you'd give anything for one more night of mom and son time in the middle of the night! :)

  3. Congrats! He is precious! We can't wait to see him without a glass between us. See you soon hopefully!