9 Months

Weighing in at 19.5 lbs Cooper is growing leaps and bounds. No shots were needed at the 9 month check up thank goodness! 

HONK! Even the polar bear gets his nose pinched by Cooper. He has quite the grip too!

We didn't get the "ham" pictures that we usually get. He was tired, just had a bath and was ready for his bottle so no smiles for these pictures, he starred at us no matter what we did to make him laugh. He knows what we're doing and  likes to play the stare down game. 

After taking his bath he wore his blue robe that his Great Aunt Janie sent him. His Uncle Kirk had one just like it when he was a baby so Cooper and Trip both got one when she found out they were both boys.

Having an organic wheat teething cookie. He had it ALL over his face, shirt, tray and probably some in his hair but he enjoyed it!

He's changing daily and we're enjoying every second.

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  1. Cooper is just too cute and getting so big! I love that he pinches the polar bear's nose. How funny! Trip loves those teething biscuits too. They sure do make a mess, but he thinks it's great. Needless to say, he gets them right before his bath. We need to get a picture of Trip in his bathrobe too. Love you all!