Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

We were able to make it down to PV to meet our newest addition to the family- Callie. She is such a sweet baby! We had a wonderful time with them.
We were able to get to the beach a few times for a few photo shoots.
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Cooper wasn't a fan of the cold water but he was content with playing in the sand.

Limes= funny faces

Cooper and Callie headed to church

We were witnesses for Callie to get her birth certificate. It was quite the process for the Goings, but we got it done and our names are on her birth certificate. She's SO official! 

Our last day at the beach Cooper loved the sand. He could have grabbed a handful of sand and watched it pour out of his hand all day.

Enjoying the sunset and a walk with Daddy.

"Just hangin with Callie"

The girls with the babies. 

We had a wonderful time with the Goings. Thank you for your hospitality. We are so proud of you!

On the way home Cooper got to entertain the people behind him. He played with people all over the plane. If they walked by he waited for them to look at him. He did so well traveling, we were so proud of him!
We are ready for our next trip to PV!
Callie we are so glad we got to meet you and get all the wonderful snuggles in!


  1. How much fun!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Hope you enjoyed the warm weather!

  2. So excited to see pics up so quickly! You guys are quite the photographers - I love all the different creative shots!! Glad you had a great time and are home safely!