11 Months

Cooper turned 11 months on Mother's Day so we had a double celebration. 
He gets funnier and funnier daily. 

He makes this face ALL the time.  It's SO funny!
Pardon the diaper bear shots this was post our snuggle nap after church/lunch/grocery shopping. 

As you can tell he doesn't really sit still for his bear shots anymore. But it's fun to see what he'll do while we're trying to take them. We had to take these in the floor because he looked like he was going to dive off the couch even with Gary sitting by him.  He'd make his OH face like he saw something he had to have and try to crawl off. 

We went to see Atley who was born Thursday afternoon.  
She's hanging out with Aleeya (Squeaky) and her proud big brother Coby.

Cooper was checking out what Aleeya was doing.

They are buddies. Coby shares his tractors with Cooper- this is a rare occasion depending on who you are. He a good older friend. Cooper has fun watching Coby run and play and push tractors. They have lots of fun ahead. 
I have a feeling Cooper, Coby and Mac have some good times coming and their Mama's have some worrying to do. We've got our hands full I'm afraid.
I had a very nice Mother's Day.
To start our celebrations Saturday after the March for Babies that we did with a group of friends I headed to my second Mother's Day lunch with my friend Narissa's family. Last year I was the only daughter that went with her mom. This year we had a full group. It consisted of Narissa, her two sisters, Rebekah and Sara Jane, her mom Lori, her two aunts, Tina and her daughter Chelsey and Marta and her son Kyle and her Grandma Karen, oh and the boys Cooper and Mac. We had lunch at Nearly Famous then headed for pedicures. I had fun with the girls. I've been blessed to have been adopted by their family since mine is so spread out. You can't have enough Mamas I say!! Thank you girls for having me! I had a wonderful time and I love you dearly!
Yesterday we had time to get our weekend snuggle time with Cooper before time to get up for church. We headed to panera for a quick bagel and coffee then off to church. After church we took Gary's Mom to lunch then headed to the store for a few things. We were lucky enough as you already read to get a nap in and then continued getting our weekend plans done. 

Thank you Cooper making my first Mother's Day so special!
I got my first handprint flower picture today that he made at the babysitters. I was so excited to receive it!

I love and miss you Mama! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with you Mama! 

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  1. Glad you had a great Mother's Day. Hard not to with such a cutie!