I got to take a Monday off and stay home with Cooper and get some work done around the house and have a "Mommy" day. We had a good day together.

While I was finishing a batch of baby food Cooper played with his toys. I looked over to see that he was sitting in his wheel barrel. 

I don't think that he meant to sit in it he gets stuck in some pretty funny places and positions because he hasn't exactly figured out how to maneuver his little body yet.

We went to dinner at Aunt Mar and Uncle Kelbs house. I think he ate longer off Kelby's plate than Kelby did. He tried a plate full of new things, potato casserole, fried okra, fresh green beans AND pot roast.  
Watch out Uncle Kelbs you might pull back a nub! 

We had a really warm weekend so Cooper's afternoon nap was in his diaper. I went in to see if he was good and asleep so I could go lay in the sun outside his bedroom window and he was
"Comfy Cozy". He slept with his leg propped up for a long time. 

We had a great weekend!

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  1. He looks so comfy! Thanks for sharing these!