Cooper's 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

We had a sand box theme party because we got Coop a turtle sandbox. We haven't added sand to it yet but he likes to crawl in and out of it and play with the little beach balls we had at the party.

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Here he is opening some of his gifts and cards. Mac and Coby wanted to help him and play with his toys. Luckily he doesn't mind to share yet. He happily let them play with his toys.


He dug into his cake. He quietly ate it until we had to cut him off. 
His hat was a gift as well from my friend Emily. Isn't it cute??

Some of his little friends were able to make the party since we rescheduled it due to a bug he had the Saturday before.

Pucker up Atley! Bre was trying to get him to kiss her. 

Coby came and was very entertained by Gram and Great Gram that we skyped in to the party so they could join the festivities. 

Mac wasn't ready to hand over the present. He played with it as soon as we took it out of the bag. He needs to come show Coop what to do with it. Coop likes to slam the lids down but isn't into making them pop up yet. Mac will be a good teacher of the new tricks!

Parker was able to make it as well! He was also amazed by the "talking computer". 
He's always entertaining to have at gatherings with his silly personality. Cooper and Parker are big fans of each other. They will have so much fun being cousins. I think Parker is ready for Coop to play with him more. I'm sure they have plenty of fun days ahead! 

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures! We were sad not to be there!