Having Fun

Cooper absolutely LOVES it when the refrigerator door is open! He puts it in high gear and squeals all the way there and acts so silly when standing there. So I had to get a shot for you to see.

We went to Coby's birthday party last weekend. They had a slip and slide, sprinkler, water guns, and water balloons. So needless to say your chances of staying dry were slim.
Cooper enjoyed the slip and slide because it had a strip down the middle that shot little streams of water up so he sat and played there after the big kids got done. He always loves to kick and splash with his feet. 

Coby brought over a truck and played with Coop for a while.

Josie also played with him. She showed him how to splash! He was slipping and sliding all over the place on it!
Happy Birthday Coby!!


  1. Cute pictures. I have adorable ones of Cooper from the party I need to get to you. He loved that slip and slide, we need to have him and Mac over and have a water play date.

  2. Too cute! Cooper is getting so big! Looks like you guys are enjoying summer!