Trying new things

Cooper has been exploring new things lately. Such as...

Feeding himself yogurt. I got Cooper and Trip these stick like learning utensils. 

As you can see he's not the neatest eater. But hey it was his first try and boy oh boy did he like it!

We weren't the most responsible parents but we let Cooper explore the steps up to the back yard. He thought he was something big.

See, I can do it!

He seems to think he's too big for Mama to break up his banana. He wanted the whole thing. So every morning we have to have a CHUNK not pieces. 
What's next that my baby boy will do on his own?

Our "pantry" is a book shelf for now and he was able to reach the corn meal. He thought it was just as fun as sand. He's not the first to dump the corn meal. Coby did it first a while back only on the couch. You think I'd learn. It's an easy clean up with a little patience and a vacuum. 
Sneaky little thing! 

It's so fun to see what new things he tries to do from day to day. Yesterday we were working on animal sounds. "Cooper, what does a PIG say? Oink Oink." (insert Mama oinking like a pig.) And he replies with something that sounds like Ho Ho Hooo! But hey at least he tried! 

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  1. See Coby is just there to show you what to put up so Cooper doesn't get into it. :) He's just helping.

    Cooper is getting TOO BIG.

    I like his pose on the steps. What a stud!