Just A Walk In The Park

A few weeks ago I kept Mac and Avery so we decided to go to the water park in Strafford. So I called Grandpa and Granny for some assistance and boy am I glad they went! We had a great time!

It took Coop a while to like the water but he finally did.

Mac was a big fan from the get go! He ran all over!
I don't have any pics of Avery because she didn't like it much. Poor thing didn't know what to think about the wild boys splashing and squealing. 

I took Cooper and Avery to the zoo. It was a beautiful day. The first cool day we had in some time. The animals were out and about and everyone was happy.

I think they are pointing at the monkeys.  They pretty much pointed at all the animals. It was fun to work on our animal sounds. We all know I need help with them! 

We even got a pinic at the park before nap time. It was a great day!!

Just a walk in the park as they say.

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