We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We had a very eventful Christmas. From hopping around from place to place to enjoying our time with our little fam at home it was peaceful and full of fun. We took time to read the Christmas story out of Cooper's story Bible.

I had my friend Ginger make this card for Gary to put on his desk at work.

Coop was looking up at Grandpa after the dog-dog licked him. We thought the facial expression once again was priceless.

I made some new stalkings out of burlap and satan. I saw them on a blog that my sister-in-law introduced me to. HERE it is. They are far from perfect but I was pleased with them. Next year I might try making some from old sweaters, but we'll see. I have dream stalkings in my head but I can't quite describe them but I know they'll have our names on them. 

We enjoyed and mexican dinner and exchanged gifts with the Hamilton family on Christmas Eve.

Parker was the gift passer outer. He had a good time handing them out all the while being very enthusiastic. 

Coop got his hand caught in the candy jar...

See the treat in his cheek? It was funny. He saw us see him so he grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth quickly and said "MMMMM!" 

Brandon and Aislynn got a new shutterS for their house since they lost a set in a storm we had along with more fun gifts.

Bubby got A LOT of toys and has enjoyed playing with them. We got a lot of wonderful gifts from Gary's parents. I got several kitchen gadgets that I asked for which excite me because those are things I don't want to buy myself. Gary got all set up with more hunting gear, you can never go wrong with gifts like that for G.

Christmas morning Coop let us sleep until 7:30 then we got up and opened presents and later had cinnamon rolls with Granny and Grandpa when they brought up Cooper's presents. 

Coop found some animal crackers in his stalking so we had to immediately open them. 

We got Coop a lot of clothes. We figured he needed clothes and would be getting toys from everyone else. (don't worry we got him a few toys too)
Looks like he approves of this sweater!

Gary was opening his stalking. We got each other a nice camera so we just did stalking stuffers on Christmas. We got a camera a few days earlier so we could semi learn to use it. 

The big present we got Coop was this 4-wheeler. His face lit up when we brought it out of the room. He's a little scared of the electric noise it makes when you push the button but I'm sure he'll get used to it soon. He's already enjoyed pushing and pulling it around as well as some accompanied rides around the living room.

We skyped with PawPaw and Gram so they could watch him open his gifts from them. They sent lots of fun things. He was an instant fan of the see-n-say that they gave him!

We all had matching PJ's or jams as we call them. However Coop's were a little too long for him. At one point he was walking away from me and I began to laugh because it looked like he was walking on his knees he had so much extra trailing behind him. 

We had to get a shot of our jams. We all had camo pants and comfy soft t-shirts.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!
We hope you were all able to enjoy family and friends as we celebrated the true reason for the season. 

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