First Hair Cut

Over Thanksgiving my Brother Kirk, his wife Aimee and their son Trip came to visit from Oregon. While they were here I decided to take Cooper to get his first hair cut. He had REALLY long hair on top and it didn't go well with the curls in the back so it needed some work.

Here are some pictures of his cut...

We got to pick out a movie for him to watch. He is very into the Baby Einstein movies right now and luckily they had one. 

He enjoyed driving even when someone was cutting his hair!
In the back of the car you can see a space behind him, that is where they collected the hair to give me. When he was finished they took a picture and attached the hair in a baggie to it. We were very pleased with the place and VERY pleased with how Cooper did. We didn't have any problems with him He sat there very content. 

Trip even got to fly a plane while he waited!

Here are a few videos of our experience. I wish you could hear my heart beating because I was about to have a melt down. Thank goodness we got to keep the curls!