Goofing Around

Here's a couple videos of Coop being silly.

First one is him talking to Gram on the phone. He's asking to talk to PawPaw. He's really been into talking on the phone lately. Whether it be actually talking to just playing with his toy phones he talks all the time.

This on is him playing with the noy noy (punching balloon) that Bapa and Granny brought him. Last week they came by on their way to town but it was too close to Coop's nap for him to go with them. Since he was sad Bapa told him he'd bring him back a BIG balloon. He went to sleep talking about the noy noy and Bapa and woke up doing the same. He even cried for it so I was really hoping they didn't forget. A little later they came back with this! He loved it! He's still playing with it and gets it going pretty good every once in a while.

Have a great day! It's gloomy here so we are hoping for sunny spring days SOON!!!

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