Silver Dollar City

A few weeks ago Cooper and I got to go to Silver Dollar City with our good friends Barron and Betsy. We were excited this trip actually happened because we had been getting SO much rain and the forecast was calling for rain that day too. With a check of the radar and jacket in hand we headed out only to find it was sunny and 80 degrees for us when we got there!
We had a nice time walking around, sampling the saltwater taffy and eating kettle corn. 
Barron and Betsy wanted to see the Russian Circus while we were there but we weren't sure if Coop would sit through it or not. The sitting through it wasn't the issue it was the giant spot light cutting through the darkness near us that was the problem. He absolutely freaked out! He loves flash lights and any other kind of lights so it was much to our surprise when he began to freak out. I'm not sure if it was the dust particles in the air that he could see in the light or that the beginning of the show was really loud so it just started us off on the wrong foot or what but he was not a fan! So Coop and I endured the show standing up at the back behind the spot light. He would have been happy if I would have let him play on the stairs but little did he know those stairs lead to the sound booth AND spotlight! I didn't think they'd appreciate him playing around the equipment.  

We snapped a few shots of him in the jail. Betsy and Barron we so good to wait and let him do things or be slow at walking up hills. Barron even sat with him while Betsy and I rode a crazy disk ride. They sat and enjoyed a frozen lemonade while we spun around way up in the air!

Here are some shots of us on the buggies. He didn't quite know what to think I don't think. He surprisingly didn't want to push the button that made us go up so I took the controls and made sure he got the most of the ride.

Asking if he wanted to go UP

Trying to get him to put his arms up like we were on a roller coaster. 

All in all we had a good day and Coop did great even though he didn't have a nap. On our way home we stopped for pizza at a place called Pizza Chef. If I'm ever in Branson West again I'll be sure to stop here. We all really enjoyed it!
Thanks B&B for such a fun day at that City!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love that our boys are getting big enough to enjoy fun outings.