Time to Celebrate

This past week we had 2 reasons in our house to celebrate.
First of all Gary and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. Time has absolutely flown by these past 8 years. I guess the saying "time flies when you're having fun" is so true when you feel you've barely blinked and we've been married for 8 years. Just seems so crazy to me.
To celebrate we went to the lake with 3 other couples for the weekend. 2 out of the 3 were also celebrating anniversaries. We had an amazing time at the lake house where we took out the boat and seadoo. We boated, skied and soaked up some major sun. We prepared a delicious dinner and wonderful breakfast while there and enjoyed another trip around the lake before heading home Sunday. It was a great time to celebrate with such great friends.
When we got home we found our refrigerator had kicked the bucket so instead of treating each other to a gift we bought a new fridge. We got a great deal on a fancy french door model in hopes that it will live long enough to go in our house whenever we build. Not exactly how we planned to spend our savings but not a lot you can do about that. We still enjoyed a great dinner on our actual anniversary as a family. I made homemade shrimp alfredo, that even Cooper enjoyed.
God has definitely blessed us with a wonderful marriage and life together.

Here are a few shots from the lake.

Cooper turned 2! Again time has certainly flown by. It seems like yesterday I was sitting on my toosh at the Ronald McDonald House trying to keep him in a little longer the next thing we know he's 2. He's talking up a storm, pretty much potty trained, counting to 10 and just being a BOY.

Here are several pictures of the birthday boy...

We had special pancakes that morning. Complete with strawberry eyes, chocolate chip eyebrows and nose and blueberry smile.  

He got to play and eat at chic-fil-a for lunch with Mac after we took Molly to the doctor.
We had an ice-cream cone after dinner and he thoroughly enjoyed it! As you can see it's ALL over his face. 

Here's a picture of pure trouble! These boys are going to give us a run for our money that's for sure. It was absolutely impossible to get them to all look up at the same time.

Here's all the kiddos.
Cooper, Coby, Mac
Atley, Risdon and Molly

All smiles.
He had a pretty good time at the party. During presents he was looking pretty tired but got a second wind and stayed up until 9:45 but slept until 8:30 and took an almost 4 hour nap. I was wondering who replaced my child with a sleeper!
He's decided that since he's 2 now he likes to sleep I suppose. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!!

We had a farm theme party. He had a barnyard (cupcakes), berry patch, veggie garden, pigs in a blanket, pig sty (smokies in bbq sauce), haystacks, chicken coop (bbq chicken legs), chicken feed, puppy chow and a corn field, and limeade.

Gram and Gi-Gi came to the party via skype. 

He of course loved his cake. He picked the chicken for his cupcake when I was decorating. I was glad because it was the easiest.
He clapped for us after we sang to him. I was very surprised he didn't sing because "Happy Day" is one of his favorite songs to shout.

Bapa and Granny got him a stick horse.  Here he is singing "BONANZA!!!!!!" with as much excitement as you can get out while singing. 

He gave rides on his horse to Uncle Brandon and Bapa. He will sing Bonanza for you while you're riding so you can get the full effect. He's been riding the stick horses with Bapa and Granny for months at Orschlens and just now discovered that the horse makes noise when you pinch it's ear. 

Thank you everyone for making his birthday such a special one!

(sorry for the long post with tons of pictures but I wanted to share our day with you)


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post and all the pictures! You caught some great expressions on Cooper's face. They show that he really loved his special day and all the work you put into it. The party looked perfect! I love your idea of having all the farm names for the food. Super cute!

  2. Bob, you are SO creative!! I realize I'm a little late on this, but wow, you came up with TONS of great farm-themed party food! You amaze me. Love you!