Happy Memorial Day

So I know I'm late with the wishing of Happy Memorial Day but thought I'd still send out our wishes. We love and appreciate all our military friends and family active and retired.

We went to the lake over the weekend when Gary got home from turkey hunting in Kansas. We decided spur of the moment to go Sunday and spend the night so we'd have more time on the boat.  
Cooper had his very first boat ride and did great! As you can see he enjoyed himself. I believe we'll be getting a smaller life jacket before our next trip. It looked like it was going to pop off his head when he was sitting (although that didn't happen much).

Cooper and Parker had a good time together. Parker is so helpful with him and patient. 

This is your Captan Cooper speaking

Look at those beautiful locks! He got a hair cut this week so it's not as long but still has those sweet curls. This mama isn't ready to get rid of them yet!

Uncle Brandon hooked him up with a sweet pole equipped with a worm and everything (just not a hook). He throughly enjoyed having a fishing pole. I think he liked have something to splash in the water. We ate peanuts in the shell and he had to splash the shells over the side of the boat. It kept him occupied for quite some time actually. 
Yes that is a potty chair on the boat. That's how we roll! He's doing great with his potty training, I just didn't want him to not have an option if he needed to go. He loved going on the side of the boat, yet again getting to splash but it was the other we were worried about. He does a potty dance for about 30min before he goes in the potty but I didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the lake with no where to go. Enough about that I'm sure you don't care to read about our potty routine. But to brag a little he's done awesome! We've been to the zoo, and shopping and stayed dry in our real undies! He does great in the nursery at church as well. It was a tiring battle but one that I'm glad we did already since he's done so well. We still have our days and he still wears me out with his potty false alarms needing to go in stores on the side of the road but for the most part he's done well. I've tried not to post and bragging about it because I felt it may jinx us!

Serious fisherman

Uncle Brandon helping Coop catch a fish with the dip net.

Brandon and Aislynn soaking up some rays. 
We had beautiful weather. We have jumped into summer full swing even though it's not officially summer yet our temperatures have been. Hot and humid from the beginning. We will be utilizing friends pools, the sprinkler and the fountain water park near by.

Parker was brining in a good catch! 

Family Photo from our first lake trip. 

Always fun to have a self portrait!

Hope you are enjoying your summer days!

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