Our days have been kind of chilly this week but we walked up to Bapa's today anyway to get out of the house and burn some energy. I pointed out the hole in the tree on our way up there and on our way back Coop decided to stop and see if anyone was home.  
We're not sure if anyone lives in there but it looks like a great place for a critter of some sort to cozy up in.

Tonight for dinner we had homemade spinach alfredo pizza and Coop wasn't the biggest fan but he was required to eat some before he could move on to something else. Mainly tonight I made him eat it because I knew he liked it or at least had eaten it several times before so I wasn't going to just give in this time. So after his piece he asked for some bread. I asked if he wanted anything on it and gladly he agreed to some peanut butter. "And jelly too!?"

My question is how do kids just learn to not eat the crust? I didn't teach him this. I don't cut off the crust. I don't even typically cut off the peeling on an apple but he even leaves that if he's eating sliced apples. How does this happen? Do kids teach each other these tricks?

Crust anyone?

Hope you're having beautiful Fall weather. We are enjoying seeing the leaves change but I'm already ready for warm weather... Oh wait I get a little breath of warm air in a week because Coop and I will head down to see my best friend Courtney and her beautiful family. Courtney and Preston just welcomed their sweet baby girl Addison to the family in September so we are excited to meet her and get some fun play time with Callie. Don't worry I'll keep you posted on our trip and the fun times we have! Cooper is especially excited to swing with Callie. He talks about it everyday so he's ready too. Pray for good flights and for Cooper as this is his first flight in his own seat. dundunduuun!!! 


  1. Wahoo!!!!! I can't wait!!!! We are going to have such a great time.
    P.S what is your recipe for the pizza? I have a crust I make but I want to know what you do for the topping. Love you!

  2. I know right?! Kharis eats just the middle out of her grilled cheese sandwiches. So funny.