More Letters

 Apparently I'm slacking in the blogging department! I let the week pass and also pass on a post so I'm going to play catch up. I'll let you know what we've done in the letter world and just some fun things happening around here.

To finish up C-O-O-P-E-R  we did E elephant sandwiches. We had a couple of these. The other one had a jelly covered ear and banana legs. He liked it. 

 R we painted a rainbow in tub using colored shaving cream. This was a HUGE hit. Just put a few drops of food coloring in shaving cream, mix it up and you're ready to have a good time painting in the tub. It didn't stain the wall either in case you were wondering!

After we finish up his name letters we moved on to F. We had a lot of fun with F week. We had football sandwiches, 

We went on a ride on the mule to look for Farm Animals. We stopped to see these cute babies because he wanted to kiss them everyday we drove by them. He didn't kiss them but he enjoyed watching them.
 A few houses down were these horses that we stopped and watched. 
We had a good time looking for farm animals around the countryside!

Funny faces were fun to do! He had a good time making them. I knew he'd like them since he's been interested in mustaches and eyebrows. The other day I let him open the mail, he tore a little piece and thought it looked like an eyebrow. He put it on a picture that was on the mail. It was funny!

We also had a few apple frogs. Of course they were fun since they had marshmallow and chocolate chip eyes. 

Then we moved onto B. 
Here he's covering a B with beans. He did well doing this. He sprinkled them on and liked seeing which ones stuck and which ones bounced off.

Pancakes serve as a great tool for the letter weeks. So we had Bear pancakes with Blueberry eyes. 

I got him this blowfish bubble blower when Gary and I went to Iowa for a sponsor event for Hallowed Ground. Anytime we have bubbles out turns into a good time. 

I'll do another post of just fun stuff that we've been doing around here to make this post not 10 years long. 
Hope you're enjoying the beautiful fall days!


  1. 1. I LOVE the frog apples!!!!
    2. love the Elmo p.j's :) what a cutie.

  2. Looks like lots of fun! The elephant and football sandwiches are super cute! We'll have to try the colored shaving cream- the rainbow was great. I'm glad Coop liked the funny faces more than Trip did!

  3. You are such a great mom, Tammi! I love all your posts about all the great stuff you do for Cooper to help him learn. And as much fun as you're having, I bet he doesn't even realize it's EDUCATIONAL!