Snow Days are Fun Days

We got some snow along with some REALLY cold temps this week so for a few short minutes Coop and I headed out to see it.
When he got up and I told him to look outside he looked and paused and said "we put on our snow hats? Sounds fun!"
So I knew we'd have to venture out for a few minutes at least.

Catching snowflakes

Running off to enjoy it even though it was frigid!
When we came in I introduced Cooper to hot chocolate (warm chocolate milk) and he was an instant fan.

 Of course saying cheese for the camera.

 Enjoying his new drink complete with mini marshmallows.


 Since I was taking his picture drinking it he wanted to take mine. I didn't get to pose with my cup of coffee I had to use his. Silly boy!

 Yet again CHEEEEEESE!

Good to the last drop.

Coop decided he wanted to color in the tub minus the water. Have at it kid!
He later had water added but it was a nice activity and not as cold as a bath in my opinion.

For lunch to go along with the snow themed day he had a snowman pb&j. His favorite part? The olives. He could eat an entire can if we'd let him.

 He had fun disassembling the snowman piece by piece.

Hope you are enjoying your "winter" whatever your temps may be. It warmed up enough today so no more snow. Hopefully we'll get a good enough one to go sledding soon then we'll be ready for Spring.
Have a Happy Snow Day!

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  1. I love Coop's quote from the beginning. I can just hear his little voice asking to go outside! :) It looks like you had a fun snow day. Thanks for all the pictures! That's a great snowman sandwich!