Feed the Birds

Last week Coop and I needed an activity so I gathered supplies on our trip to the store and later got it all ready to make. He really likes to feed the birds so I thought a good project for us to make would be bird feeders. I got the idea from pinterest. You can find directions HERE
Coop liked helping. He's always excited to work in the kitchen. K was also our letter for the past 2 weeks. We were busy when I started it so it carried over. He got to help in the kitchen a few times for K week. He's always happy to stir and dump things in. When it came to getting messy our feeders had to quickly finish because he was ready to wash his hands. The gelatin was sticky therefore the birdseed was also sticking. Here are a few picks of our project. We hung them up after drying out back on a tomato stake so we could see the birds but so far we haven't caught any guests enjoying the snacks. I think we need to sprinkle some seed just out in the yard so they know they are welcome.

I also tried to make homemade berry neutons. They were ok. Fresh out of the oven they were like warm pie with a crust, then they moistened up and kind of got funky. I made them for Coop to have a "healthier" snack so if he likes them then that's all that matters.

We've had some nicer springlike days lately and got out to take a few pictures while the light was good. Here is a huge hallow stump we found while out on a walk through the woods. 

We were really happy with how the field pics turned out. The light and colors were perfect. Again it was just fun to get out and play with the camera. 

 This is my new favorite picture!

Hope you're enjoying whatever little projects you're working on!

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  1. The bird feeder project looks like lots of fun! I hope the birds figure out what a great treat awaits them.
    The field pictures are perfect! That last one of the two of you needs to go on the wall. Love it and love you!