A Very Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Coop and I have had a pretty fun day today. We woke up and opened his valentine. He got a toy lion, Chuggington coloring book and a wooden train engine and car along with a pirate valentine. There's a picture of it at the bottom. 
Then I got my valentine from my guys. Check out the video below. It is SO sweet! Gary did a GREAT job. Thanks babe!

These are kind of stuck in the middle of the post and it's easier to just share about them than to move them. We got some snow yesterday so when G got home we suited up to play for a few minutes. 

It's actually nice enough today to play longer but that brings melting. So we stayed out until lunch time and until Coop decided to play in the run off and got soaked. 

Here's our Valentine breakfast. He wanted it for lunch too but then changed his mind and wanted an elephant sandwich and then a snowman one as well. Someone remind me to get an elephant cookie cutter so I don't have to free hand them! 

I made Coop this MOM tattoo shirt. It was something I saw on etsy I believe and thought it was too cute. I tested it out on baby Logan for his first V-day and Coop thought it was cool and wanted me to make him a shirt. I'm glad he gets excited about crafty homemade things! He just wouldn't look at me for a picture because more important things were on tv- Chuggington. Silly kid!

Coop loves talking like a pirate so when I say this on pinterest I knew I needed to make him one and a few to hand out. 
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you get to spend it with the ones you love!


  1. So sweet! That video was great- it made me tear up for sure. :) I love Coop's shirt and the pirate valentine. Nice job!

  2. What a sweet Valentine video! :)