Yesterday was an exciting day. We had our ultrasound to see what this 'mover and shaker' inside of me looked like, what the gender is and how everything was looking. As far as the tech could "unofficially" tell us everything was looking good. Fluid looked good!!! That's an answer to prayer for sure. We just continue to pray that the fluid stays good.
This baby GIRL was dancing all over the place during the ultrasound and is super low (hints why I frequent the bathroom I'm sure). At one point she looked like she was waving. I so wish Cooper could have been there to see that! It was a very thorough ultrasound which didn't hurt my feelings but made me wonder how long mothers of multiples have to lay there while they measure just about everything.
Gary's phone rang as soon as she said, "Looks like it's a Girl". Which if you know G this is no surprise. He on the other hand was happy for the less emotional distraction.
The ultrasound tech Sheri gave us a stack of pictures so that was exciting. We have pictures of a lot, hand, feet, 2profile, gender shot and a few more. So that's always exciting to have to look at and dream. We already think she looks like Cooper from her profile.

Cooper was SO excited to hear he was getting a baby sister! Yesterday morning while I was fixing breakfast he said, "what do you want to do today?" I told him he was going to Bapa's house. He said, "is it my birthday today? Are you getting the baby out today?"
We told him that they baby was coming after his birthday so that's why he asked that. But he was excited to know that we were getting a picture of the baby.
So when we came home to tell him we asked him if he wanted to see a picture of his baby sister. He was so excited and said he always wanted a sister! So now our only issue is that he wants to name the baby Gary! Needless to say we'll be working on that.

Here's a picture of our sweet baby girl. It's a profile, her head is in the middle of the picture. 

This one is a joke that since I work out that we'd get a picture of the baby pumping iron. I hope to get a picture of me at the gym with a belly and split shot with this one. It was too cute to not share now. 

Please join us in praying for this sweet baby and the continued health of us all. We thank you in advance for the prayers. 

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  1. So precious Tammi!!! We are so super excited for you guys and are praying for this sweet baby girl - mostly that she won't be named Gary :) Love you!!!