Special 34 weeks

Today has been an emotional day for several reasons. Not only was it a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating with my little man and his Daddy that helped make it such a special day but it was also a day that I reflected on what week of pregnancy that we are in. 
Cooper was born was born at 34 weeks and almost 4 years later we are at that mark again.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around having such a wonderful little guy that lights up my life and being at the mark in pregnancy where we met him. All 3 of us are anticipating the arrival of Cooper's little sister. I can't wait to see her and her features. Will she look like her big brother? Will she be as crazy active as she is now? I know she'll steal our hearts the second we meet her. We are praising God for a completely different pregnancy thus far. God has had His hand at work before we even knew we were expecting her. 

I wanted to get some pictures of my 34 week belly on Mother's Day so we headed out to the field and captured some nice sun and green grass. Gary does such a great job doesn't he? 
Here were some of our favorites. We hope to take some more poses this week.

 That face gets my heart every time!

 He thinks he such a big kid. Well... he is but he's still my baby boy.

Some Mother's Day bloopers from today that I need to share.
This morning before I got out of bed I knew the guys were up but I was refusing to get up so I continued to lay there. The door opens and loudly Cooper yells SURPRISE!!! Gary laughed and said he was supposed to say Happy Mother's Day. I'm wiping my eyes because they are watering and trying to roll over to sit up, Cooper is already trying to hand me my gift and Gary turns on the light. What an awakening let me tell you! 
They gave me a new charm for my bracelet with sister's initial ;) and a homemade card, then Cooper proceeds to tell me a knock knock joke. (that's his new thing is knock knock jokes)
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Blaire who?
Blaire's cutting your haaaaair!!  

That means I'm getting my hair cut! Blaire is who does my hair and I'm super excited! So next week I get a little bit of delight by going to the salon.

The funnies continued. As we all laid on our bed talking Cooper wanted to talk to baby sissy. But not the way you'd think that he'd want to talk. Nope he didn't want to talk to my belly he wanted to talk down my throat. So I had to open my mouth so he could talk into it. Crazy cat!
Then he proceeds to tell us that she's going to come up my throat and see us talking to her. 
You see last week during breakfast he very seriously told me that she was going to come out of my throat. I told him it feels like it sometimes but probably not. So then he said No, I think you'll lay an egg. That's how she'll come out he says. 
Well... that's a little closer!

One more to make you smile. When we got to church I let Gary check Cooper in on the computer security system so I could go to the restroom before we went to class since we were running late. There was another family standing in line at the computers. A mom and 3 daughters. An older woman walks by and tells that mom Happy Mother's Day. To which Cooper replies, It's my Mother's Mother's Day too!!! Apparently everyone got a good laugh out of that and I'm sorry I missed it. His enthusiasm about things like that cracks me up. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I sure missed getting to hug my Mama today but I'm so very thankful for her and everything she's done for me and my brother.  We wouldn't be who we are today without her and her prayers. 


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