It's About Time!

Cooper and I took a little trip to see my Brother Kirk, his wife Aimee and their son Trip in Lakeview Oregon. After a VERY long journey we made it there. It wasn't the best traveling day ever but we survived. 
On our 3.5 hour drive from Reno to Lakeview we passed a sign that I thought said welcome to California. I was confused but it was late and I didn't say anything. Then I saw something else that said California. I then asked because even though I typically loose all sense of direction or where I am geographically once I've gotten somewhere I really did wonder why we were in California. They said we'll be in CA more on this drive than any other state. Ok so I sat back and went along for the ride and sipped my slurpie from 7 eleven. We finally made it to their cute house in Lakeview.
We had to take this picture on the way back to Reno.

We went to the fair a few times while we were there because I was about a block away from their house. There were a lot of animals to show the boys. We liked the chickens because they were easy for the boys to see. 
Click    HERE   For pictures of the Roundup. 

It's so fun to hear Cooper try to say the animals names. He does pretty well with chicken. You at least know that is what he's saying. He still thinks that all animals say ho ho hooo. It started being what a pig said but rarely do we get other sounds from him. 

This is the water table that we sent Trip for his birthday. We had a warm day to play in it. They had a good time. 

Here's a little clip of them playing in the water table.

They got the boys cowboy hats for the Roundup/Fair. Trip did way better at the photo shoots we tried. We always seemed to catch Cooper at a really sleepy time. You'll see how tired he was in a little bit. But here are a few shots...

Click HERE 

We went to Lakeview's Labor Day Parade.

Trip got to hang out during the parade and one of his trips to the fair. Isn't he cute?!

Coop got to suck on a blue sucker for a few seconds to distract him being so tired and that he was sick of being in the stroller just sitting. He didn't get to eat much of it. Only enough to make a blue slobbering mess and get a blue mouth.

Click HERE for more parade pictures.

HERE Are some more pictures of the boys getting into trouble.

This is Cooper extremely tired at dinner and Uncle Kirk rubbing his head. It was hard to get a great shot because we laughed every time his eyes closed and head drooped.

Thank you Uncle Kirk, Aunt Aimee and Trip for having us! We had a WONDERFUL time!!!

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Thanks Aunt Aimee for your blog posts to link to!!

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  1. We absolutely LOVED having you here! Remembering the boys' looks as they saw each other in the mornings warms my heart each time I think of it. They are just too cute together. I'm sad that we never got the train track picture. We have to do it next time. Love you tons!