Big Buck Down

Gary's love for deer hunting continues for another season. He not only goes out for the hunt but also videos his hunts and his fellow "Hallowed Ground" members' hunts.
Check them out HERE
They will have a time slot on the Sportsman Channel in July 2011. This is a dream come true for Gary.
Here's a few shots of his buck.

Here are a few pictures of Cooper and his Daddy with the deer. 

I about died when he tried to touch it's eye!!! YUCK!

Just sitting on a stump. Do du doo

Just a few things that make fall so wonderful for Gary.
We usually say "Big Bucks, No Whammies" but now he can get the whammies because he got the Big Buck! Good job honey!

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  1. Like father, like son! Love the photos girl. Tell Gary a BIG Congrats!